Oregon 4-Star QB Waller to Enroll Early

Well, if there’s one thing we can say about the Ducks over the next few years, it’s that there will be a lot of people with a chance to replace Marcus Mariota under center. As it stands now, Jeff Lockie, Taylor Alie and Morgan Mahalak are the QB’s on the roster, but as of yesterday these Ducks just gained a little more competition.

The recruit, Travis Waller, is a dual-threat QB from Anaheim, CA, with freakish speed and a cannon for an arm. He has an unusual release, but he’s been touted for his impressive ball control/handling and for having a mature mental makeup. The 6’3″ Waller is only 194 lbs., but he has the ideal frame for bulking up. If he can fill out his frame, Waller could very well be the next great Oregon QB.

Travis Waller, 11, beats the defenders to the edge for a TD


Travis Waller, 11, beats the defenders to the edge for a TD

He fits perfectly into the Ducks’ scheme and, unlike Mariota, he comes in with an already developed ability to throw accurately. Mariota didn’t nail his accuracy down until this year, but experts believe accuracy might be Waller’s strongest asset.

Waller had already committed to the university back in July, but just yesterday he decided to enroll early, a decision that could dramatically affect who earns starting honors come next fall. Although it’s hard to see Waller coming in and starting immediately, many believe he has that ability.  If he can practice well throughout spring ball, he could be ready to play come the 2015 season.

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