Will the Ducks’ Offensive Line Withstand the Seminole defensive attack?

It's going to be an exciting game to say the least. If the Ducks O-line could withstand the Seminoles defensive power, Oregon is going to be celebrating like they did in 2012.

Imagine this: Oregon loses to Florida State in the Rose Bowl. Allow that to sink into your mind for a second. Now, what if I told you that the Ducks lost to the Seminoles because of the poor support Marcus Mariota was getting from his offensive line. Most Duck or football fans in general should not be surprised if this is the case come Thursday, January 1st at 5:00 p.m. The most obvious reason why this shouldn’t be a surprise is the fact that Oregon’s offensive line has been dealing with a plethora of injuries that have ultimately affected the team’s performance on the field.

Take a look at the Arizona game during the regular season, for instance. Due to the absence of key offensive players such as Jake Fisher, the Wildcats were able to hold Oregon to a season low 6.03 yards per play. Although I despise going back to this game as it’s the Ducks only loss of the season, it shows that when Oregon’s offensive line is banged up, the whole team plummets to the ground.

OL Jake Fisher, along with other lineman, are going to have to deal with this behemoth on January 1rst. Edwards possesses raw power and strength that can ultimately collapse the pocket within seconds of the snap.


OL Jake Fisher, along with other lineman, are going to have to deal with this behemoth on January 1st. Edwards possesses raw power and strength that can ultimately collapse the pocket within seconds of the snap.

Even though there are tons of questions about Oregon and if they’re capable of beating a championship caliber team in the Seminoles, the ultimate question going into the match-up is whether the offensive line can continue protecting Mariota in the pocket so he can either complete a pass or run with the ball. Let’s take a close look at what the Ducks’ O-line has in store for January 1st. The biggest thing they will need to keep their eye out for is #15, Mario Edwards Jr., who has emerged as one of the nation’s top defensive ends in college football. So far this season, the junior standout has registered  three sacks and two QB hurries so far this season.

Although many of you may think, so what’s the big deal? What Duck fans must realize is that Edwards is a true, dominant force for the Seminoles’ defense. During the Rose Bowl, it will be important that Duck fans keep their eye on OL Jake Fisher as he takes on Edwards. When all is said and done, it’s evident that Fisher is going to have his hands full.

Out of all the College Football Playoff and bowl games, the match-up between the Ducks and the Seminoles is the most exciting, as both teams possess excellent football programs. What Oregon should be most concerned about is how they’re going to deal with the Seminoles’ defensive line, as well as their secondary in DB Jalen Ramsey for instance. With the Ducks’ offensive line allowing Mariota to be sacked 29 times this season, there’s obviously a lot of assignments and tasks that need to be taken into consideration before the January 1st game. At the end of the day, this aspect is a major concern for Oregon and as fans we can only hope that they solve it.

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    I wouldn’t be too worried about Jr trying to get by our Mr BIG JAKE I mean these guy’s especially our Seniors will be playing like it’s their last game because if they don’t BALL all out they will be done. Give Oregon more credit than you guy’s are because they will more than likely surprise us all on the 1st and win that game in Dominating fashion. GO DUCK’S!

    • rob

      Don’t be an idiot FSU isn’t one of those slow untalented bunch of guys in the Punk-12. We actually can play and play up or down to comp but we know how to win. And winning is all we know how to do.

      • FishDuck

        Rob…disagreeing on this site is fine and state your reasons why. But we do not call names or insult writers or other readers. Next time I delete you and blacklist you from commenting again.

        • Marc Horowitz

          So you’re going to ban a reader for his comments but you allow one of your writers to slander Jameis Winston in his article on villains. I agree that Rob shouldn’t have called the writer an idiot but you need to take a closer look at what your writers are posting.