Would Oregon Fans Stoop as Low as Seminoles?

Part of Ifo's return was his love for this school.

Our thirst for wins and championships poses an interesting question: how far will we go?

When Oregon played Auburn four years ago in the National Championship game — I recall getting into a tit-for-tat email discussion before the game with a Tiger engineer who was very erudite and pretty challenging to play against in our chess-with-words.  Yet as our emails continued, the facade we both carried began to melt away and we just became fans…supporting our teams.  Did it matter that we were professionals in our fields?  Only in verbiage and writing skills, but in the end we simply wrote of our undying love for our teams, which transcends all income strata, race, and ethnic group.  We would do or say anything to support our Alma Maters.

Well — that sounds good if we read it aloud off a computer monitor, but really…how far would we go?  It was at this point that a man I had come to respect, like, and enjoy bantering with made a horrendous confession to me.  He agreed that there was too much smoke with Cam Newton to assume there were not any fires in the background, but it changed nothing for him. For that he was ashamed, and admitted that he would like ONE Auburn National Championship in his lifetime, and if that meant they cheated with the nonsense surrounding Cam Newton and that’s what it took to hold the trophy aloft, then so be it. Cheating to win the National Championship was worth it to him.

The Tallahassee Police Dept?


The Tallahassee Police Dept?

Seminole fans have confirmed that moral standard through their approval of all the misdeeds surrounding Jameis Winston, to a degree I find breathtaking as I read their apologists jump into action. They have become the worst at openly and defiantly defending what has clearly been wrong to the rest of the country.  Their dishonesty truly knows no bounds.

I think about all the players who have been suspended at Oregon over the years, and the cost to the program. The suspension of Cliff Harris probably cost us a “Natty” and perhaps could have been two, while the near season-long suspension of LaGarrette Blount was a nationwide phenomenon. Our veteran and star quarterback for the 2009 season was removed from the team due to the events that unfolded of which he was a part of in winter 2010.  Actions of Oregon basketball players last year left the team with only three returning players this year due to the removal of those present and future stars for the Ducks. Coaches cannot be with players 24/7, but they can punish them correctly when misdeeds are discovered. Oregon has done that regardless of the players’ importance to the particular program. We aren’t perfect, but we’re trying.

Following the extraordinary reactions of the Florida State fans makes me reflect upon the Devils Choice…if given to Oregon fans — what would they say? Would they endorse cheating just once to win the National Championship? FishDuck.com Editor-in-Chief Mike Merrell has stated that no more than 10% of Duck fans would stoop as low as Seminole fans.  Yet I think the number could be higher…

Know that I personally would rather lose than cheat to win, and do NOT want Winston to miss our upcoming game.  I wish our beloved Ducks to play Florida State fully loaded and ready for us; no excuses.

A National Championship in football for Oregon…and a first one ever.  Is cheating worth it, Oregon fans?

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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  • rcs410

    No, cheating is not worth it. It’s not the Ducks’ fault that losers win in this sport. It’s the NCAA’s fault pure and simple.

  • dunkonyerhed

    Absolutely NOT! Sports are a microcosm of life and is one of the main reasons that I follow sports to begin with. It doesn’t make sense to cheat in business, in family relationships or anything else in life. And it sure doesn’t make sense to cheat in sports. Even if you are never caught by anyone else, you will have to live with the knowledge that you have cheated YOURSELF.

    Sidenote: I’m concerned about FSU attempting to STEAL the Duck’s plays, just like they were accused of doing last year. I hope Helfrich has implemented measures to prevent that from happening.

    • Nate Harrison

      It was actually Auburn who was accused of “stealing” FSU’s plays. This was because Auburn had a coach (Demayune) that came from FSU the year before and still knew lots of the signals and everything. You can see Kelvin Benjamin around the beginning of the 3rd quarter run up to Jimbo Fisher while the camera was on them and go “Coach they’re stealin the calls”. Of course, I think FSU’s a bit to fault there because they should have known better and updated the system if they’re going against someone that knows it. But you can see the instant they start covering up the signals Auburn’s production plummets on the defensive side of the ball.

    • FishDuck

      No worries about play-stealing from two angles; first a NY firm a year ago confirmed that using four variables as Oregon does, (signs, two signaling,verbal calls at the line) is virtually impossible to break as a code.

      The second reason? Not telling, but there is a fifth component unknown to the public that adds even more to the complexity.

  • scotty

    Stooping low? Do you realize that the only illegal thing that Jameis has done is steal crab legs (which he was punished for) and soda out of ketchup cups when he was a true freshman. We defend our players because of articles like this that make them out to be way worse than they are.

    Jimbo has kicked off many players, including the teams best Greg Reid a few years ago.

    Don’t be like Addicted To Quack with this non-sense. If your fans where in our exact situation.

    • Polaris Silvertree

      I think the issue I’ve discovered from reading this site is that fishduck has decided to deviate from the sport and demonstrate their lack of understanding of what could be considered morally reprehensible behavior with foolish behavior and with legal (criminal/civil acts). I think that’s a sad reflection more on the fishduck writing staff here than anything else; a staff that is normally very respectable in their Oregon Ducks football analysis. Some of their depictions are clearly because they are personally offended by what they perceive from the media on what FSU has or has NOT done with regards to its football team. In the end, the media’s inability to avoid driving an agenda is taking its toll on the many innocent, sincere, morally upstanding football players, coaches, police officers, wives, children, and people in general living in Tallahassee. It seems fishduck staff refer back to the NYT’s for alot of their content — the same NYT that destroyed the Duke Lacrosse team over a false rape allegation. Or how about Rolling Stone’s strong accusations about UVA’s Frat system where a student was reported being gang-raped. Both in the end lack a preponderance of evidence. Yet, despite hard evidence that FSU has sought to be accountable by punishing its players, even dismissed and suspended players (this year and last), AND that Jameis Winston has not been charged even after multiple hearings under heavy scrutiny, here at fishduck — the staff go the route of conspiracy. To me that’s fundamentally not right. All that said, I am trying to focus on the fact that there are two very exciting teams playing today in the Rose Bowl and I think its gonna be a great game; perhaps one for the ages!

  • Rob Duncan

    Are you kidding me? What about the recruiting cheating that Oregon was guilty of yet only got a slap on the wrist? The ducks should have received the same penalty as SC. Talk about calling the kettle black. Unreal. Oregon cheated and committed major violations and the NCAA looked the other way. Cannot believe you could even write this with a straight face.