EWU QB Vernon Adams Transferring To Oregon? Huge Risk Or Huge Reward For Ducks?

Vernon Adams

Who is Vernon Adams? Maybe the next quarterback for the Oregon Ducks. Daily rumors are swirling as to potential candidates to become the next quarterback at Oregon. Monday, Head Coach Mark Helfrich said, “We’re going to exhaust every path to find the right guy, the right fit, but we certainly believe in who’s on campus and what’s to come.” One intriguing “path” — Eastern Washington’s junior quarterback, Vernon Adams.

Adams is scheduled to graduate this spring and still has one year of eligibility remaining, making a transfer to Oregon possible. Can this kid play? Husky fans know. Back in September, Adams lit up Husky Stadium for 473 yards passing and seven touchdown passes in the near upset of the heavily-favored Huskies.

Is Adams a legit possibility for the Ducks?

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Is Adams a legit possibility for the Ducks?

Following the UW game, likely first-round NFL Draft choice Shaq Thompson said of Adams, “The quarterback was better than I thought; he can throw on the run, scramble and he can run.”

In another Pac-12 showdown last season against Oregon State, Adams led the Eagles to an upset victory with 518 total yards (411 passing, 107 rushing) and six touchdowns (four passing, two rushing).

For the Eagles, Adams finished his junior season with nearly 3,500 yards passing and 35 touchdowns as compared with only eight interceptions, despite missing four games with a broken foot (an average of 350 yards and 3.5 touchdowns per game).

Upon graduating from Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills, California, Adams held only two scholarship offers, from Eastern Washington and the Portland State Vikings. Generously listed as 5’11” and 180 lbs, size definitely played into Adams’ lack of interest from FCS schools.

However, Ducks fans remember another vertically-challenged signal caller in Jeremiah Masoli, who took the Oregon program to the Rose Bowl in 2010. NFL.com‘s Charles Davis compared Adams to Johnny Manziel and others to Vikings great Fran Tarkenton.

Pac-12 analyst and NFL great Ronnie Lott said of Adams, “The guy is special. Sometimes you see special and recognize special . . . this kid is special.”

It remains to be seen if Oregon coaching staff has interest in Adams or visa versa but this story is definitely something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

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Adam Kruse

Adam Kruse

Living literally walking distance from Husky Stadium in the heart of Husky country, Adam is a passionate Duck fan originally from Salem, Oregon. Adam is a long-time season ticket holder and owner of no less than five Duck jerseys he proudly rotates and wears to work every Friday during the fall. Adams works as an Account Executive in the Cloud Software business and in his spare time, hangs out with his wife Rachael and daughter Addison. Go Ducks!

  • Eric H

    It’s Fran Tarkenton, not Tarkington.

    • Kruse

      fixed – thanks Eric

  • hokieduck

    These rumors of lateral transfers with one season of eligibility are just plain goofy. No QB will come into this system and learn the mesh, much less the rest of the playbook (simple though it is for the most part) in a single season.

    Just not happening. Thank heavens.

    • ptownelite

      Lateral? I wouldnt call EWU to Oregon a “lateral” transfer. This kid isnt just an 18 year old freshman coming into big time football for the first time trying to learn a playbook, adapt to college, etc… Just is happening. Deal with it.

      • hokieduck

        Dunno why you have a bee in your proverbial bonnet, ptown. “Lateral” refers to transferring from one program to another. Adams graduates this Spring and if he transferred he would have only one year of eligibility at Oregon, meaning he would have to learn the playbook and the culture and the receivers and the mesh with running backs, etc., etc.

        I personally think that that is an extremely difficult proposition, for anyone much less a kid who has never played Power5 competition.

        As to “dealing with it”… take that stuff to the ESPN and O-Live threads. I respect your different opinion but am not interested in your attitude.

        • ptownelite

          Of course its incredibly tough. Russell Wilson and Cam Newton had success with one year… Im not a fan of the blanket “its not happening” statement. There is a reason the coaches have offered a schollie and are spending one of thier last official visits on VA.

  • worldwidewebfoot

    I am ambivalent about players moving from team to team, but I suppose we are a free country. How do NCAA transfer rules work? Wouldn’t this fellow have to sit out a year?

  • Dan

    I wonder who the coaching staff would prefer, if they had the choice – Vernon Adams or Braxton Miller?

    Braxton Miller is the more proven QB, IMHO. He twice won the Big 10 player of the year and was a Heisman candidate. Braxton is bigger and has a more bruising running style. That said, there have to be questions lingering about whether his throwing arm is completely healed.

    Vernon Adams throws a really nice deep ball, is mobile enough to scramble around to buy time and is a pretty good thrower on the run. Although he torched Oregon State and Washington, you wonder whether he could do that every week in the Pac-12.

    The QB race would certainly be more interesting, if either transferred to Oregon.

    • JT Haugk Lemire

      he would be consistent in the pac-12 but i doubt he is leaving. Oregon aint getting our QB!

      • Dan

        I could see why Vernon Adams would want to transfer to a Power 5 conference to prove to the NFL scouts that he can play at the highest levels. Why not Oregon?

        Though I doubt our coaches would guarantee the starting spot to either Braxton or Vernon. They would have to come in, learn the playbook and beat out the current QBs on the roster.

      • Kruse

        still feel that way man? Looks like I knew a little something after all..

  • Michael Ostrom

    oregon just needs a winner to run the machine and it looks like this kid can win


    Adams wont be running for his life in Oregon’s huddle of O Lineman and will have a better comfort inside the Duck Fraternity! With Miller and his Shoulder problems it’s a 50/50 risk he stays healthy all year. Of coarse any QB staying healthy all year in a spread offense is remarkable. He does run to throw though Adams that is and that makes people give up on coverages and this plays right into his success. Either way Oregon has a talented team minus a real sure thing at QB.

  • GoEags2015

    Vernon’s response: http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/sportslink/2015/jan/21/adams-rebuts-rumors-oregon-interest/ In other words, hands off, go find your own QB. See you in September. Go Eags!

  • Bohminator

    Travis Waller is enough, have you seen his highlights. His receivers sucked and he still shredded defenses. Travis will be the starter in the 2015 season.

    • ptownelite

      You dont pass up a PROVEN talent like VA. If VA transfers he will be the starter. Really not even a discussion….It will be huge for Waller to redshirt a year like Mariota.

      • Kruse

        I agree. Waller looks like an elite talent, but will likely redshirt – VA will come in and have the inside track to start right away if he decides to make the move.

  • Concrete Brad

    What’s wrong with a little rosterbating?
    Dux fan since ’94!

  • Adam Kruse – author

    hmmm – what are your thoughts now Eags fan?!

  • Anthony Joseph Gomes

    to be an elite talent you need 2 things. experience with the system you are trying to run. experience on the field. jeff lockie has lots of the first and none of the latter. vernon adams has some of the first in that he has run a similar kind of system and loads of on the field experience. travis waller has great potential and upside but neither playbook experience not on the field experience at the college level.

    mariota was probably one of the most mature individuals ever to don an oregon jersey and he took a red shirt year one so i dont think its ideal to try and transition waller into the starting job day 1 either. he might even need 5 years to develop.

    the ironic thing about all this is that we probably know more about both waller and adams than we know about lockie..a guy who has been in the ducks system for 4 years now.