Jimmy Fallon Lets the Real Experts Decide Who Will Win the National Championship Game

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As we come closer to game day, the analysis of who will win the National Championship game becomes more and more intense. Every sports analyst, reporter and sports fanatic spew out their reasons as to who will win come Monday January 12 and why.

When it comes to sports, especially football, I think it is safe to say that most fans think they know exactly what they are talking about all the time. I’m not saying there aren’t a select number of fans that truly do know what they’re talking about, but in my opinion, we should leave it up to the professionals. For example: Jimmy Fallon.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Fallon? That guy that’s on television late at night way past my bedtime that everyone says is funny and stuff? What the heck does he know about football?!” I know at first hearing this is a little baffling but just hold tight, it will make sense in 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

On Jimmy Fallon’s late night show he determined exactly who would win the National Championship and quite accurately in my opinion. How? Puppies.

As a Duck fan I have got to say, these are some smart (and incredibly adorable) puppies! If and when our Ducks win the National Championship game, I sincerely hope those puppies are adopted by Duck fans.

I know that this is a very stressful time as a committed fan, trust me, my stomach is constantly in knots leading up to this game. What better way to make you relax and ease your mind than puppies?! Jimmy Fallon, Duck fans everywhere thank you. (But if the puppies would have eaten more kibble from Ohio States bowl this would have been a stupid determination, am I right?)

Also, if you’re a Duck fan that has been trying to convince your parents to let you get a puppy just show them this video and explain that you have to have one of these puppies because they’re so smart and were born Duck fans! How could they say no? My parents are in Arizona but… can I PLEASE get a puppy now?! (They always say no to this question). Goodluck to the rest of you. Go Ducks!

Top Photo Screenshot from Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show

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McKalie Bellew

McKalie Bellew

McKalie Bellew just moved to Oregon from Arizona. She is a sophomore at Lane Community College and moved here to pursue her dream of studying Sports Journalism and Broadcasting at the University of Oregon. Her passion for sports is admirable and her determination and hunger for success in the sports field is fascinating; if you ever have the chance to talk to McKalie face-to-face about sports, you’ll know how much she loves these games just by the way her eyes light up during the conversation. When unable to attend Ducks home games you can find her in front of a television on the edge of her seat, cheering her crazed-fan-head off. McKalie appreciates your feedback and constructive-criticism to help her become a better writer and reporter.

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    A rare chance for Ducks to say “I’m goin’ with the dogs!”