Some Oregon State and Oregon Fans Get It — the Rest Can Move to California


I got a call from an Oregon State fan after Oregon pounded Florida State Thursday night. The call was similar to the call many of you made or received. It was a congratulatory call from a Beaver to a Duck, celebrating the win. These calls across the state are simple: “I hope you win the national championship. It would be good for the University of Oregon. It would be good for the state of Oregon.”

And there you have it; that is something that very, very, very few states have. It’s a state bond that transcends the Civil War, with the greater good being success for the state of Oregon.

If you’re a Duck fan and weren’t excited when Pat Casey’s Beavers won the 2006 and 2007 College World Series Championships, you just don’t get it.

The 2006 College World Series Championship.

The 2006 College World Series Championship.

I remember the University of Oregon and Oregon State University football in the 70’s. I remember the 80’s. I was at the 0-0 Toilet Bowl in 1983.  As a 16-year-old I thought a dry cleaner bag was enough to keep me dry. It worked for about five minutes. I was one of the last 10 people who left the stadium that soggy day. I was convinced the players were going to come back on the field and play another quarter. How could a game end in a 0-0 tie?

As a teenager in Albany, my parents would drive me over to Parker Stadium to sell concessions during football games in the 80’s. I’d watch the game for free and make about $20 selling pop. I didn’t think a better job existed: Making money and watching sports — what could be better than that?

I remember the Oregon State stadium PA announcer would give score updates during games, and if Oregon happened to be leading over a California or Washington school, there was a huge roar of approval from the Parker Stadium crowd. Autzen fans were the same way then, as those Ducks and Beavers fans got it. The Cougars, Bruins, Trojans and dreaded Huskies were and are the enemy.

I know it’s harder to root for the “other school” now than it was three decades ago, but that state of Oregon unity is still there. You may have heard about the classy move Oregon State made, taking out a newspaper advertisement congratulating 2015 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota. OSU’s Heisman hero Terry Baker gets it. You could hear it when he was interviewed and asked about Mariota.

You think people in other states pull for each other’s teams? Ha! The Los Angeles schools can’t stand each other.

Cougars hate Huskies, and Huskies hate Cougars. I remember a friend telling me that former Washington coach Don James walked into a Seattle church late for the service and was trying to find a seat. He saw a row with a few extra seats, but a Cougar fan sitting on the aisle wouldn’t let him get past to the empty seat. “Don James can get to church on time if he wants a seat,” growled the Cougar fan.

I went to the Oregon vs. Auburn National Championship game in 2011, where there was a guy wearing an Alabama shirt that said, “I’m a Crimson Tide fan but showed up to root for Oregon. We hate Auburn, so go Ducks!” Amusing, but the SEC is a different world and they can have their world; I like Oregon better.

Duck and Beavers together

Kevin Cline

Duck and Beavers together

Albany’s Kathie Whitmire is a Beaver season ticket holder and HUGE Beaver supporter. She called me before the 2010 Civil War and said she’d be pulling for the Ducks because the Civil War meant more to Oregon than Oregon State. She’s bigger than me, as I can’t do that.

I remember calling Super Beaver fan Bernie McCarthy during the fourth quarter of the 2001 Fiesta Bowl rout of Notre Dame. The Beavs were putting the finishing touches on a statement game.

“Bernie, can you believe this?” I asked. There was a brief silence on the phone, but I heard the background noise from his party. “Bernie, are you there?”

“Yeah Mike, I’m here, I’m here. I just don’t know whether to yell for joy or cry. I think I’ll do a little of both.” We laughed.

I remember that conversation from 2001 like it was yesterday. That wasn’t the last time we spoke, but it was the second to last time. He called me after Oregon beat Colorado in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl.

Bernie lived on the outskirts of Corvallis all of his life.  He and his wife Anita raised three kids who went to Corvallis schools. Bernie attended as many Beaver games as he could get to and remembers them all: the Great Pumpkin Dee Andros, Fertig, Avezzano, Pettibone, Erickson, Riley, etc. …

Bernie passed away a few years ago. I don’t know if football is something people in heaven watch or even care about, but if they are interested in such things I think that: 1.) Bernie likes the hiring of Gary Anderson, and 2.) he’s proud of the Ducks and hope they bring in the national championship. State of Oregon pride trumps in-state rivalries.

If you need a reminder of recent victories ... here is Mark Helfrich at the Rose Bowl

Craig Strobeck

If you need a reminder of recent victories … here is Mark Helfrich at the Rose Bowl.

If you can’t root for the other team in the state during its heyday, move to California.

Top photo by Kevin Cline

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Mike Ostrom

Mike Ostrom

Mike Ostrom is a 1989 Oregon Graduate (Journalism Major) He worked on air as the Sports Director for a CBS affiliate for six years and has free lanced for ESPN, Fox and other media entities. Mike now resides in Dallas, TX. He and his wife play zone defense with their five kids ages 16, 12, 11, 11 and 11. Mike’s full time job is in the Google/Bing advertising space. His family runs a small ministry that provides soccer balls for orphans and underprivileged kids around the world.


    Not true about WSU and UW. Apple Cup 1997 in Seattle, UW fans gave WSU a standing ovation after WSU win.

    • Skyler

      Don’t ruin the narrative!!!!

  • Erik Lund

    Well done Mike!!!! Dare I quote you and say……”It’s A Given!!???????”

  • OSUfan Alex

    I am 2010 graduate of Oregon state, And I can never root for the ducks. No matter how much money it brings the conference or recognition it gives the teams of the pac 12. Just about once a month I get someone yelling “Go ducks” and “f#*% the Beavers” as I walk through town. Yes, not all fans are like this and my friends that went to U of O aren’t, but most that ” root for the state of Oregon” are like that. I know duck fans can’t understand why rooting for what ever team does better is bad. But I love my Beavers and will be rooting on OSU for the national championship.

  • David M LeDoux

    I’ve traveled enough through and or lived in 40 states from coast to coast and North to South borders including your detached states of Hawaii and Alaska.

    Putting aside personal bias, based on life styles and how residents of these sister states relate to each other in many situations, including athletic competitions, I have observed Oregonians, more than their counterparts, to be very congenial and respectful to one another, even during adversarial situations and athletic competitions when roles are definitely adhered too, where slogans and chants of company or team pride are demonstrated.

    This is not to say the same practice is not duplicated elsewhere, however, and this is purely a personal opinion, “WE” Oregonians (discounting the small percentage that are the opposite example) practice this trait on a more consistent basis than any of the other states inhabitants I’ve observed.

    I am enthusiastically proud of this uniquely Oregonian trait. I routinely witness my friends that have attended UofO and OSU engage in lively banter during athletic competitions only to see them maturely and intelligently congratulate the winner and give praise to the loser of a competition for their efforts. Even going so for as to root for their rivals when not engaged mutual competition against one another. I also see this phenomenon exhibited toward the other higher educational schools in the state. Additionally, I see this happening within our entire educational system. That creates quite a legacy and perpetuates these traits of good citizenship and sportsmanship.

    Not only because of the above examples, but, for sooo many more reasons we Oregonians live and exhibit each day, I am extremely glad my accident of birth culminated with my emergence in Oregon. (ˆ◡ˆ)
    ……. ..(..◕ ◕..)….

    • Michael Ostrom

      great comments Dave. Oregon is indeed unique. A few of my colleagues in New York read the article and it makes no sense to them.

      • David M LeDoux

        Thanks Michael. It is indeed unfortunate, many of our fellow citizens
        fall under that umbrella. As in politics, I must presume that that
        percentage of individuals suffer from cognitive dissonance syndrome. I
        feel one derives the pleasure, appreciation and education in life, from
        being able to recognize the efforts and struggles of
        opponents/adversaries and being able to publicly acknowledge the same
        serves as an example to them as well as those that “don’t get it”. While
        most in that group never stray from that mindset, for whatever reason,
        there is still a percentage of fence sitters that, with the appropriate
        nudge, eventually “see” the opposite perspective as having merit and
        change their mindset. Have a super day. (ˆ◡ˆ)
        ……. ..(..◕ ◕..)….

  • Joe Bryan

    Every thing about this article is wrong. I grew up in Corvallis, went to OSU and I hate that Oregon fan’s don’t get why we hate your team. Sports is about competition and when the game’s are over it does not mean we can not be friends. I have many Duck fan friends. The idea that Beaver fans who hate the Duck’s don’t get it is asinine and arrogant. Duck fan’s are among the most hated in the Pac-12 because they don’t get it. Uncle Phil buying the U of O players, facilities and wins is not why we hate you. It’s because your Duck blinders make you oblivious to the fact that with out that Nike money you would not be where you are today. It’s because you say dumb shit like “the Beavers are not our rivals”, implying that we are not good enough to be your rivals, with out even realizing how insulting that is. Duck fans are arrogant enough to chant “little brother” at our team and then turn around and say “I root for the Beavers any time but the Civil War”. Only a Duck fan would write this article because only a Duck fan is arrogant enough to think this way. It’s equivalent to a Eagles fan rooting for Dallas or a Giants fan rooting for the Dodgers or a fan of any other team rooting for the Yankees. Sports are about competing and competition necessitates rivalry. Thinking adults are able to separate that from real life and compartmentalize the two situations. Some Duck fans clearly are not and want everybody to like them. This is how a tween thinks and it is another reason we do not respect fan’s like you.

  • Osu

    This article is pure comedy. Biased Oregon writer.

  • I am the Principal of…covering University of Oregon sports, as I am an alumni.

    Yet I grew up in Corvallis….my father is a retired professor of Oregon State, and before I went to Oregon…I despised the Ducks. Then I ended up going there and becoming one of their biggest fans…yet I still cheer for Oregon State except for during Civil War.

    I watched and cheer for them every year in Baseball…except for when they play us. I admire the program and the coach, and am damn proud they are right here in this state. Right-on Mike.

  • The truth is that even Husky and WSU fans will be rooting for their NW and PAC12 rivals in the upcoming National Championship game. Most of us fee like you do. I want my team (Dawgs) to win, if not them then lets keep in in the state, or at least the NW, conference, or anywhere but the SEC.

    • Kitts


    • Michael Ostrom

      one of favorite memories as a kid growing up was a Disneyland trip and the huskies happened to be there for the ’78 Rose Bowl. Joe Steele was real nice, asked me if I played football. On the drive home we listened to the game on our a.m. radio and it was great to hear the Dawgs win one for the Pac-8

  • DDB

    By this same logic, when the Blazers didn’t do well, people should have been rooting for the Lakers to represent the West Coast. Not happening.

    • How is that by the same logic? The main focus of this article was that the State of Oregon transcends schools. Like, that was literally the entire premise. California is a different state. So, no, including them is not using the same logic in your analogy.

  • Russ Blunck

    If any of these readers did move to California, then they would be in the state where most of the players from both teams come from.

    • Michael Ostrom

      ha. good one

  • Rob Duncan

    Nope. Will never root for Oregon. I do not mind the teams at all, nor the coaches. However, the fans are the worst fans many, many people have ever encountered. And this started long before Oregon found success on the football field. Also a bunch of Oregon fans are bandwagon fans, never went to Oregon, and are duck fans because they have been winning. Marcus Mariota is a great player and a great person. Mark Helfrich seems like a very good guy. Duck fans? Overall very, very bad.

  • Dan Maize

    I was at the Toilet Bowl as well. I was a UofO student from 1981-1986.Truly bad football. 5-6 wasn’t a bad season back then. We’ve come a long way!

  • Aaron McCoy

    Great article, Mike! I was thinking the same thing when my brother, a Beaver, called me after the game to let me know he was rooting for the Ducks. The ironic thing is that his kids are all huge Duck fans. I have another good friend who played center for the Trojans in the 80s and it drives him crazy that both of his daughters ask for Duck gear every Christmas!

    • Michael Ostrom

      hope to tailgate with you in Dallas

  • Rob Duncan

    I am very curious if this article would have been written had the roles been reversed and it was Oregon State playing for the Natty. We will never know but you can call me a huge skeptic. I have had numerous unpleasant experiences with duck fans over the years all initiated by them. I have had that “O” thrown in my face with a “Go Ducks” on numerous occasions and I have been told “Beavers suck” on numerous occasions and they were not in a friendly manner. So I don’t root for Oregon ever because of one thing. The fans. All teams have their idiot fans, the Ducks have a much larger percentage than any I have ever encountered and I have been in every pac 12 stadium. So don’t tell me I don’t get it. Go Buckeyes!

    • Jake

      Shortly after Civil War this past season, actually I believe it was Sunday, the day after, I was walking into Winco to grab a couple things. I was wearing my Beaver gear because win or lose I always support my team. A car drives by, someone I don’t know, unrolls the window and a guy shouts, “Beavers suck,” then rolls up the window and keeps driving. All I could think – and I wish I could have said this to his face , but the coward drove off – I know we suck right now, I don’t need you to point that out. In other words, he seemed like a typical Duck fan as far as I am concerned. I will never root for that school. I respect their program and what they have accomplished, but I hate their success. I’m tired of people telling me how to be a fan.

  • Douglas Williams

    What a complete bunch of crap. UO was so happy for OSU’s success in baseball that they killed their wrestling program and spent millions on a stadium and coach to reinstate baseball cuz they couldn’t handle OSU’s success. I hate the ducks, and so do most Beavers and vice-versa. This article is embarrassing to both schools.

    • More Chainsaw

      hear! hear! Speaking of ‘not getting it’…Ducks fans that root for Oregon State. News flash: WE DON’T WANT YOU ROOTING FOR US~! Buy a clue!

  • Patrick K.

    Nope. Wrong.
    The number one reason most Beaver fans won’t root for the ducks is the fact that 90% of duck “fans” can’t name more than 2 players on the team, yet will act like the most entitled and arrogant spoiled children on the planet. It’s pretty pathetic when most of them don’t even know who the next week’s opponent is going to be. Oh, and most wouldn’t be able to locate uo’s campus on a map.

    The co-number one reason is that they are cheaters. Big time cheaters with big time money from a big time college football owner and a big time lack of ethics. It’s amazing what you can buy with access to a nearly endless pocketbook. Sure they sold their collective soul to the swoosh-devil, but they seem to be ok with it since the wins are still coming.
    They are now a Nike owned semi-pro football team with a college on the side. That’s all.

    So you guys can have your prescious little title that has apparently been given to you guys already despite the fact there’s actually another game and team to get by. (Hint: it’s Ohio state, in case you’re a typical duck and don’t know that they’re actually playing a team)

    So, that said: Go Buckeyes!!

    • That Swoosh-Devil is helping to pay the salary of your Baseball coach…but that is OK?

      It is funny the haters who attribute none of the success at Oregon to coaching and good administrative decisions, but instead to our connection to Phil Knight.

      In 1994…we went to the Rose Bowl WITHOUT Phil Knight…and we did not even know Pat Kilkenny existed until that season either. Both came forward at the end of the next year, (Cotton Bowl) to see how they could help. It is not a mystery; winners like to work with winners, and we had to prove our value first on our own.

      If Coach Anderson elevates the Beavers to the degree that I think he can, (a great hire) then perhaps your own benefactors will materialize…but only after you do the winning on your own.

      As Oregon did.

      Thanks for coming to the site.

      • Ruben

        As an ardent and lifelong OSU Beaver fan, I must say: Charles Fischer, you’ve made an excellent point.

    • tyler27

      I come across so many oregon state fans that dont know any names of the players on there own team. They just root for them so they can go against the grain and be antiduck haters even though they know nothing about either team. They have osu gear and bumper stickers but know nothing about the teams unless osu beats oregon that year. Then they do a little homework and can tell you about a couple players on the team. One reason why i love it when oregon beats them is that it shuts them up for the most part for the year but just like here right now you get some obnoxious fan that starts talkin trash for no reason even though they have no ammo in there empty gun., .. beaver stands for hateful ignorant hamster.

      • Rob Duncan

        HaHa. You just repeated what he said, with the difference being he is correct. Not very original. You just described to a T a typical duck fan.

  • NEPDXBeaver


  • UO ’06

    It’s always been easier for Duck fans to root for OSU’s success than vice versa. Oregon’s rival is UW, OSU is like our little brother. I know that sounds arrogant but that’s really how it is, but there are times when we hate the Beaver’s too. Like, when Ken Simonton scored in that OT civil war thriller… or when they picked Joey off 5 times in that civil war letdown.

    Anyways, it’s easy for us, as Duck fans, to say there is a mutual respect. I would not, however, expect that same sentiment from Beaver fans and that is completely understood. :)

    Go Ducks.

    • Day1Beav

      The false sense of entitlement that Oregon fans have is disgusting. The only reason the football program is successful at this point in time is due to the hundreds of millions of dollars that was funneled into the football program. The money bought the success. I Love how many more UofO fans have sprouted up in the last 6 or so years too. Also love the little regard for the actual school itself. It’s not always all about football. Pathetic bandwagon fanbase.

    • Greg Nee

      UO ’06, I was at that OT Thriller. I and about 100 others(Both Beavs and Ducks) were the guests of the UP Railroad. A Special Train started in Portland and made a trip to Corvallis. The Duck Fans we noticed the most were all spouting off about how good their team was, that the Beavers shouldn’t even be on the same field, how badly they were going to beat the Beavs depending on the weather. We all know the ending of that night. It had been a great game by any football standard. When we returned to the train, there were two parallel lines at the steps, one on each side of the steps. The two lines were made up of people wear Duck Gear. They congratulated us on our win and refused to board until all Beavers had boarded. I noticed that none of the young, brash, boasting Duck Fans that had come down with us were in this line. As a matter of fact, none of them boarded the train back. The fans of both teams had a great ride back to Portland with good sportsmanship showed by both sides. On this night, I met True Duck Fans. The pre-bling, pre-fashionable, old time Fans of The Oregon Ducks. And as Fans, they reminded me of my Beaver Nation. And oh, they would never have regarded a National Championship as “The Natty”!

    • TJ

      Little brother? OSU has been around a lot longer than UO. How can we be called a little brother? UO is the little brother, we are just in a time that our little brother is more spry and wins a few more. All I care about is a good game. I don’t care who wins. You say I should root for UO? No, because where were you when OSU was down and needed fans to pick them up? I won’t be a conformist or a front runner like most UO new found fans. So I’ll leave work this. ..Good luck to ESPN and the BCS, s good game means good ratings, and a good start to the playoff berth program

    • TJ

      Oh, and UO vs OSU is like the 5th biggest rivalry is college sports, and everyone except the huskies don’t like the huskies.

    • Jake

      I clicked like simply for the end – I’m glad you understand where those of us who are firmly on only one side of this rivalry stand. It is just that – a rivalry – people aren’t supposed to cheer for their rival. You seem to understand that.

  • Dave

    I’d have to agree with both the author and the (overly harsh) comments below. Folks that have lived in Oregon for a long time generally pull for the Beavers to do well (when they aren’t playing the Ducks).

    Young, out-of-state, recent-transplant and fairweather Ducks fans, however, act just like you’d expect from fans of other teams – mostly vile with no regard to other humans, let alone their team. “Ducks Fans” who only became “Fans” in the last decade or so are more than likely just wearing a yellow O because it makes them look like one of the cool kids.

  • titusduck

    To Fishduck: Thank you for the great article. As a duck for the past 70 years (saw Van B. play in ’47) I also root for the Beavers when we’re NOT playing them. I come from a family, both sides of my parentage being ducks. I did have an uncle who played football & basketball for Oregon, and he MARRIED a Beaver! But, God Love A Duck!

  • Ruben

    Grew up in Corvallis. A Beaver Believer for life (even when 28 straight losing seasons didn’t do much to build my faith). I was called “stupid” over Christmas by a brother-in-law for being a Beaver fan. Have had plenty of vulgar things hurled my way from the mouths of Duck fans for nearly 50 years, but so what? I’m happy for the Ducks’ success and will be rooting for them to win the title. A rising tide lifts all boats. I’m not going to let some bad attitude loudmouths determine my altitude.

    • platypus

      You are a fan the Beavs should be proud of!

      GO RUBEN!!!

  • Really Mike?

    Weird, a Duck grad telling Beaver fans why they should root for Oregon. This whole article is
    disgusting. “Albany’s Kathie Whitmire is a Beaver season ticket holder and HUGE Beaver supporter. She called me before the 2010 Civil War and said she’d be pulling for the Ducks because the Civil War meant more to Oregon than Oregon State. She’s bigger than me, as I can’t do that.”

    Never. Ever. Ever. Are you kidding me? Root for the Ducks in the civil war as a
    Beaver fan? She represents about .000000001% of Beaver fans then. That isn’t a
    “they get it” story. The fact that this idiot is talking like it’s “un-Oregonian” to not root for the Ducks says HE should move to California.

    Second point, this isn’t 1985 any more with all the Nike money dumped into making UO what it is now. Back then? Yea, I’d have rooted for the Ducks. Now? No way in hell. They anen’t what

    they used to be. I get it OSU gets Nike money too, but UO is now the personal plaything of Phil Knight ala the Yankees.

    Of course that’s the way Duckfan thinks, and the way they think Oregon State
    fan should think. If the worm were turned, I wouldn’t want UO sympathy or
    cheers for OSU. OSU fans will say this to their friends who are Oregon fans,
    and that’s about it. For instance, I would tell my friend who’s a Duck fan that
    I’m happy for him and his team, but he would totally understand that I’m not
    rooting for them in in the NC game. So nope I don’t agree in any way shape or

    Also, comparing this to OSU’s baseball team Championships is 100% utterly
    incorrect. Oregon didn’t even have a team when OSU won so it was VERY easy for
    duck fan to root for OSU because they didn’t even have baseball to root for or
    a rivalry to play off of and those were all NW players on the team. This guy
    doesn’t get that Oregon now isn’t Oregon of the 1983 toilet bowl.

    This guy can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned with the “Move to
    California” if you aren’t rooting for the ducks comment. This article makes me
    want them to lose even more now. Condescending prick telling people why they
    should be rooting for the Ducks, and that they should move to California if
    they aren’t…. Guess what, we don’t root for the University of California at
    Eugene. Don’t even get me started, half of UO students aren’t even from Oregon:


    Oregon residents

    12,603 52%

    Out-of-state residents

    8,443 35%


    3,135 13%

    There, I’m off my soap box now.

    • More Chainsaw

      preach it

  • More Chainsaw

    Wow! Are Oregon fans so insecure that they need / crave the rooting interests of #BeaverNation? What’s next, telling Husky fan they should be rooting for them because they are both from the Pacific Northwest. Puh-lease!

    Beavers fans are not hating…they are simply not rooting for the things Oregon Football stands for. The silver spoon, entitlement mentality, arrogance, (sometimes) classless fans…this list could go on…will all get WORSE with a win in the NC. For cripes sake they can’t even talk about the game without disrespecting it (‘the Natty’)!!

    Other than casual CFB fans who might confuse the 2 schools later on, an Oregon NC does NOTHING for the Beavers.

    • platypus

      Move to cal then! I am an Oregon STATE grad and a Duck AND Beaver fan. I want the Ducks to win, but after that I want the Beavers to win, and then the PAC 12 to win. There is nothing wrong with wanting your team to win, or even to clobber the opponent, or even rooting for a team to lose to further your season, but what kind of sportsmanship does it show when you want someone to lose. for what, some fans being arrogant or a team having a rich sponsor. Don’t tell me that if there was a huge benefactor to give the Beavers state of the art equipment and facilities they would turn it down! Now I know they’re fan on BOTH sides that are terrible sports and embarrass their team but why not strive to be better than those fans. Oregon winning the “natty” not only give the PAC 12 the credit it deserves, it also it credits Oregon State as a team that while the past few years had some trouble will still always be feared by the Ducks. So as a Duck fan I am rooting for the Ducks to win the National Championship, but also as a Duck fan i wish the best to the Beavers with their new coach and hopefully we can see two undefeated Oregon teams face off on Nov. 27th.

      • More Chainsaw

        I am not wanting them to lose…I am simply rooting for Ohio State!

        Beaver grad too. Respect your diploma but you can’t be fan of both teams! Are you a republican AND democrat too? Catholic AND Lutheran? No, it just doesn’t work.

        Go Buckeyes!

        • platypus

          You are comparing apples to oranges…

        • Jake

          I would add to this, you wouldn’t cheer for both the Red Sox and the Yankees, Duke and North Carolina, Ohio State and Michigan. It’s a rivalry. I never want my school’s main rival to win.

    • Ford

      As a current UO student I can say that my friends and I often find ourselves discussing how beaver fans have so much adimosity towards us but we really don’t hate them at all. I mean outside of the civil war game I want the beavs to win every game they play.

  • Benny

    This article is complete trash. I hope the *ucks lose every game in every sport I will never, ever root for them, and to try and say we “don’t get it” for holding that stance shows you know nothing about a college rivalry. UO success is inversely proportional with OSU success when it comes to getting recruits. Rooting for UO is akin to rooting against OSU for that reason.

  • m

    The problem isn’t the ducks or the beavers, its the fans that think it is okay to insult the other team’s fans. Feel free to root against the other team when they play, but otherwise, lets be proud of our state. We are all Oregonians!

  • GT1955

    What to do
    about the fact that so much of our state population seems mired in hating whichever school is the
    “other” (as opposed to simply loving their own school)? I think
    that this attitude comes almost entirely as a result of bad behavior on the
    part of the “other” school’s fans. We have all seen it, all too
    often, on both sides; and, to both sides’ shame, each feels justified because
    the other side supposedly “did it first” or “did it worse.”
    It will be a long process, but the only solution I can see is for
    conscientious fans of both schools to model good behavior consistently, and to
    let the haters know that there truly is a better way to live.