Reunited: Kiko Alonso and Chip Kelly

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Just reported by every major news outlet in the entire world….. former Oregon Ducks, and current Buffalo Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for running back LeSean McCoyAdam Schefter of ESPN says the deal has been agreed upon, but “can’t be made official until next Tuesday.”

"Oh hey coach, I would love to play for you in Philly," said Kiko

Kaly Harward

“Oh hey coach, I would love to play for you in Philly,” said Kiko

Are you a little bit surprised about this? Many thought McCoy would only be traded if it meant Marcus Mariota in return. Everyone knew Chip Kelly would make an effort to snatch Mariota in this year’s draft, but his intensions did not seem all that serious until recently. With talks of McCoy being traded so the Eagles could move up in the draft to a position where they could get Mariota, this trade seems to negate that entire thought process. But is this a part of Kelly’s master plan to grab Mariota?

One thing Ducks fans have come to learn is that you never know what to expect from Kelly. One thing Eagles fans will learn if they haven’t already, is – YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM CHIP KELLY.

Stay tuned to, as we think there might be more to this trade then one might think.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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Jason Selby

Jason Selby

Jason is a Junior at the University of Oregon, currently double majoring in Public Relations and Political Science. Jason has been an avid sports fan for his entire life, growing up playing Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Over the last year, Jason has found his love for sports reporting, and enjoys creating pieces that use his love and knowledge for sports to portray his message. In his spare time, Jason enjoys obsessing over Ducks sports, Scuba Diving around the world, and listening to music. Tweet at Jason…. @1seltank. He loves talking sports with other avid sports fans.

  • funduck

    Hmm, a trade….. makes me wonder if there isn’t a draft pick involved? Eagles get a pick, give cash, hmm. I don’t think we are getting the whole story on this yet. Wouldn’t that be something to see trades for cash or picks before the draft. What are you doing Chipper? ;-)

    • Jason Selby

      FunDuck, thanks so much for the read. Yes there is plenty more about this topic. Myself and Caleb Couturie, fellow FishDuck writer, have collaborated on an in-depth piece, which looks further into this trade, why the Eagles might have done it, what it means for Marcus Mariota, e.t.c. That article should be up soon, so be sure to take a look at that when it hits the wire. Thanks so much

  • Godux

    Yup, I think Philly fans’ lack of real knowledge of what Chip did at Oregon, and plans to do there is making them squirm a little. Nine Ducks on the roster, for now, seems questionable as not many teams can point to that many from a single college in their manpower supply.
    On the other hand, for those who understand him, it seems like a reasonable decision to sign on guys who have proven they can play at a high level within his system, one very few NCAA teams even come close to running. You can bet those who don’t measure up in the fall won’t be there when the first meaningful whistle breaks the air and the games count.
    I’d not figure him out of moving up to get Marcus. He has at least one decent QB to package with another decent player and a draft pick or two and that could well take him up the ladder far enough to grab Marcus without emptying his roster. Tampa really should take Jamieson, who everyone projects as more ready to play their style, and the next several teams don’t need a QB as much as they do other pieces. I looked a while back and, barring someone in need trading up, I thought five or six was where Philly needed to move to get Mariotta. I still think that’s the target, though I would try to get to three or four to combat somebody else’s move.
    As to the rest of the Ducks on, or ready to try to join, the roster, Yes, they have a leg up with a good handle on his playbooks and taking it to the field. That will only mean so much when competition begins. He has already run several Oregon players on, and then off of the team. I’d think Kiko will be one who sticks, and would stick on any team in the NFL.
    McCoy was a festering thorn. It sounds like he was not really happy with Chip’s philosophy and not shy about criticizing the science we all know Kelly applies to practice and the very way players live their lives (what they eat, how they work out, how they practice). The coach is no more reluctant to address problems like that. With the cap room, considering free agency following the draft, there are not likely to be holes more important than the locker room chemistry that might erode with McCoy still there.
    Yes McCoy is damned good and may be great, but running back is a piece, not the core of a Chip Kelly offense. He won’t be missed as much as many think he will be, and there won’t be a single ex-Duck in the team picture who can’t perform at the NFL level. As some quarterback from Green Bay said last year “RELAX”, Eagle fans.

    • Jason Selby

      Wow, thanks for the lengthy response. I definitely do agree with a lot of the points you made. This move, coming from Chip Kelly, does not surprise me. So many people have said, “McCoy is the best running back for Chip’s system, why get rid of him.” If someone is not on board with the system, and Chip has shown this in the past, he is not afraid to find someone else to replace him. The beautiful thing about Kelly’s offense is that it can be adjusted to fit the skill set of any guy in the back field. I certainly hope the Eagles land Mariota, as that would be an incredible reunion for the two, and all Ducks fans in general. Thanks so much for the read, and I look forward to further football talk with you.