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There is the Pac-12 which is THE Conference of Champions and then there is what is happening in college football around the country!

Here is the latest….


In the “pot calling the kettle black” category, news of Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson opting to transfer for his senior season brought this scintillating “clarification” should Golson decide to go to an SEC school (Reports have speculated a number of SEC schools might be interested in him.) …

Apparently Golson does not qualify for one of the seven criteria required in the SEC’s graduate transfer rule! It is the fourth one which states, “The student-athlete has not been subject to official university or athletics department disciplinary action at any time during enrollment at any previous collegiate institution [excluding limited discipline applied by a sports team].”

Golson did not play nor was he enrolled at Notre Dame for the 2013 season due to “poor academic judgment.” He re-enrolled for the 2014 season.

Therefore in order to play for an SEC school he would need a waiver which must be approved by the league commissioner. Seriously?

First of all, Golson has now earned his degree at Notre Dame which by any reasonable academic measuring standard trumps a degree earned at any SEC school in terms of “difficulty in achieving” and “post-graduate influence.”

Second, the SEC, with a deserved reputation for making all kinds of exceptions through the years allowing players to continue their eligibility (How many players were arrested at Florida when Urban Meyer was the coach?), should be embarrassed to hold “graduate student” Everett Golson to an academic standard they do not even come close to applying to their undergraduate students.


To borrow comedian Jeff Foxworthy‘s signature line, “You might be a redneck if … on your birth announcement you note the conception happened the same day your favorite college team had a major win over an elite program.”

Such is the case with Heather Callihan, a fan of Ole Miss, who proudly announced her baby was conceived the night the Rebels beat Alabama 23-17. It was the first win by Ole Miss over Alabama since 2003.

Ole Miss football fan Heather Callihan proudly displays her birth announcement noting the conception date too.

Photo courtesy of

Ole Miss football fan Heather Callihan proudly displays her birth announcement noting the conception date too.



As the saying goes, common sense is not so common.

Hard to believe anything else after Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby stated the conference has no immediate plans for a conference championship game.

This comes only a few months after two of its schools, Baylor and TCU had strong arguments for being considered for the College Football Playoff but neither was voted in. Many people from all aspects of college football believed then, and probably still do, the conference lost an opportunity to showcase its elite teams in a championship game and hence the selection committee used that as a reason NOT to vote in either team.

Perhaps the most stunning comment from Bowlsby was, “We may find ourselves in better shape than some other conferences as a result of our model, not in spite of our model.”

Right … I can just see it now … the Pac-12, ACC, SEC and Big Ten are all going to cancel their conference championship games in order to follow the model being used by the Big 12.


We all know technology often makes people look more silly than intelligent as evidenced recently by the NFL Draft Day tweet exchanges between Texas and Baylor coaches.

When Baylor quarterback Bryce Perry was selected in the fourth round by the New York Jets, Mike Giglio, who oversees recruiting for Texas as its director of player personnel, fired off a tweet mocking the coaching skills of the Baylor staff as ESPN, following Perry’s selection, did an analysis of what he needed to improve upon heading into his NFL career. Tweeted Giglio:

Not much teaching going on up there huh?@McShay13 said he identified fronts in HS! Come to ATX & learn to be a pro!

— Mike Giglio (@MikeMGiglio) May 2, 2015

Obviously, the Baylor coaches and fans did not care for Giglio’s commentary, especially given that Baylor has beaten Texas four of the last five times they have met.

One of the Baylor players offered this tweet gem, too: “how bout y’all beat us then.”

Nothing better than using the scoreboard to defend your track record!

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