College Football Nation: A Tale of Justice, Change for the Better, Resilience and a Dash of Romance

Nation, it’s officially time to start moving toward the edge of your seat. We are only 38 short days until the kickoff of the 2015 college football season. The anticipation is palpable as coaching staffs around the country are finishing up camp schedules and putting the finishing touches on pre-camp depth charts. Soon enough, everyone’s favorite team will be strapped up, and the sound of quarterbacks yelling out audibles followed by pads cracking on the gridiron, will fill the air.

Picture it, Nation, take a minute … isn’t it glorious? There isn’t a better sound in the world for the fans reading these articles. With the thirst for football reaching an all-time high, here’s a couple of stories to whet your palates as we close in on the one-month mark before the season begins.


Justice has been done in Death Valley. Micah Rogers of Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, was convicted Tuesday of malicious damage under $2,000 to Clemson football’s Howard’s Rock. Rogers was found not guilty of the more serious charge of grand larceny and was sentenced to pay a $1,000 fine and 30 days in jail or perform 25 days of community service and pay an increased fine of $1,700.

Howard's Rock is under tighter security these days.

Ken Lund

Howard’s Rock is under tighter security these days.

The story of the vandalism Howard’s Rock arose in June of 2013 when Rogers destroyed the case surrounding Howard’s Rock and then broke off a large chunk of the rock.

A little known fact that makes the story perplexing is that Rogers is a Clemson fan. His F-150, clad with a Clemson tiger paw sticker was caught on Memorial Stadium’s security cameras and used in the investigation to identify him as the perpetrator.

Clemson fans can sleep soundly now, knowing that the defacer of their great artifact has felt the wrath of the South Carolina judicial system. Clemson fans, where were you when Micah Rogers was convicted?



Ohio State University has a new receiving threat to catch passes from either J.T. Barrett or Cardale Jones this season. This new addition to the receiving corps may catch you by surprise. Former Heisman candidate and two-time B1G player of the year at the quarterback position, Braxton Miller, announced that he will make the switch to a receiver/H-back hybrid position this season. Miller is coming off two season-ending shoulder surgeries, forcing him to miss his last 18 months of games and practice.

Urban Meyer welcomes Braxton Miller to the WR position

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

Urban Meyer welcomes Braxton Miller to the WR position.

After Ohio State’s success last year with both Barrett (one regular season loss) and Jones (won the B1G championship, Sugar Bowl and National Championship) under center, many expected Miller to transfer to avoid the bench in what would be his senior season. But he shocked everyone with the announcement he would return to OSU.

The move to receiver may have just brought the inevitable to Miller a little sooner, who never projected well as an NFL quarterback prospect. Experts have been speculating he would have to change positions if he wanted to find any sort of NFL success since his career began at OSU.

Miller’s new receivers coach, Zach Smith, has high praise for Miller’s potential as a receiver. ”Braxton Miller can play wide receiver as long as he wants to play it,” Smith said in an NBC sports interview. “It’s going to be a matter of how quickly he grows into the position, but the sky is the limit for him.”

Big 12

In a great story of resilience and determination, Iowa State defensive end Mitchell Meyers underwent his seventh and final round of chemotherapy on Friday. Meyers was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January of this year and has been determined to complete his treatment and return to the team for the the 2015 season. During the Big 12’s media days, ISU head coach Paul Rhoades gushed about Meyers’s heart and divulged that, while receiving his chemo treatments, Meyers continued to work out with the team the entire time!

After completing his last chemo treatment, Meyers will return to his hometown of Houston, to complete a radiation treatment and plans to be back in Ames by the start of September. Meyers was one of only four Cyclones to start every game of the 2014 season and finished the year with 30 total tackles.


Who doesn’t love a Steve Spurrier interview? Say what you want about the guy, but he is definitely an entertainer when the microphone is in front of him. In the latest episode of the Steve Spurrier interview show, Spurrier confronted his “enemies” and the reports that he has gotten too old to coach.

The reports began mounting more frequently after the Gamecocks finished 7-6 in 2014. “Last year at this time I was 69 and we were 11-2 and ranked fourth in the country and nobody said a damn word about my age,” said Spurrier in an interview with ESPN. Spurrier has no intention of going anywhere any time soon and plans to be around for five or six more years. He went on to reassure South Carolina fans of his competence, “I just want our fans to know that we’re going to have a good team and recognize that it’s our enemies saying these things about Spurrier being washed up, and we’re not going to be heard from again.”

Mike Bercovici will be taking the reigns as the starting quarterback in 2015 for Arizona State. When you are the expected starter there is a lot of pressure on you to perform and you are expected to work harder than you ever have before. It seems that Bercovici is taking his new responsibilities very seriously, and is getting work in whenever he can, by taking on his girlfriend and Arizona State dancer Jaylee Merrill as his newest training partner and receiver.

The dedication by Bercovici to hone his skills are obvious by solving the age-old formula of finding time for both football and a love life. Who would have thought to simply combine the two?

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