College Football Nation: Fans vs Angst and Super Heroes vs Villains


Eleven days to go. The marathon that is the college football offseason is almost over and the finish line is visible from the last corner just ahead. All that is left is to put your head down and keep running. Don’t look up till you feel that finish-line tape on your chest. Or, in this case, when your butt hits the couch on Sept. 3.

Here are some helpful tips to help you keep putting one foot in front of the other between now and kickoff. Get the tailgating kit ready and waiting by the door. You should be able to grab it and go in two minutes flat. Start getting those mountains blue now, the longer they stay cold the better they get. Make sure those TV provider bills are paid. Nobody wants to be making a phone call to the robotic-voiced operator five minutes before game time.

Experiment with different types of cheeses for those game-day nachos, get crazy with it. Also, and this is a big one, if you haven’t learned how to use it yet, the do-not-disturb function on your smart phone provides deniability to any and all responsibilities that may come your way during game time. If any other tips come to mind, please feel free to share in the comment section.


Every football fan remembers playing pickup football as kids in their neighborhood park. Ask anyone and it’s most likely one of the fondest memories of their childhood. There’s something nostalgic about it, all-American and innocent. A few members of the Virginia Tech football team surprised some local kids by showing up to a pick-up football game and throwing the ball around with them. If someone has the ability to make a positive impact on someone else’s day they should, so it’s good to see these young men being active within the community and putting a smile on some kids’ faces.


Former University of Minnesota Athletic Director Norwood Teague had another chapter added to his story of debauchery this week. Teague, who stepped down from his position as athletic director early this August after being accused of sexual harassment by two administrators and a Star-Tribune reporter, had additional complaints about his conduct surface this week.

Minnesota President Eric Kaler has received “additional complaints” since Teague’s resignation. The complaints have been handed over to an outside law firm, which is investigating. In an interview with a Minnesota Public News radio station, Kaler said he’d never seen anything problematic with Teague before the administrators came forward.

Big 12

Athletes these days are the closest things we have to super heroes in terms of physical capabilities, and it seems that every month a new video surfaces of an athlete in whichever sport doing something athletically insane. The thing is these athletes are usually professionals, men and women who are paid handsomely to keep their bodies in peak physical condition year round.

Enter DeVonte Wilson, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Kansas. That’s right, a 19-year-old kid showing off super-human athleticism. He attends class full time yet finds the time to get his body into this kind of shape. Now pure athleticism doesn’t always translate to onfield success in football, but even if Wilson doesn’t end up in the NFL, he may be better suited for a profession that includes a cape and tights in its dress code.


Quarterback Ricky Town announced Friday morning he will leave USC and transfer to Arkansas. This is an unusual transfer because it comes before the start of Town’s freshman season. Town characterizes the USC offense as not being a good fit with his style of play. Town wants to play in a pro-style offense like the one at Arkansas.

“They said quarterback is like a coach on the field. Not just simple reads. There are a lot of protections and it’s really a chess game,” said Town in an interview with ESPN. Town will have to sit out the 2015 season because of the transfer rules in the NCAA, but he likely would not have beaten out fifth-year senior Brandon Allen anyway. “If I was going to transfer, I wanted to do it immediately as to not lose two years of eligibility. I’m excited to compete and help Arkansas win games,” Town said in the same ESPN interview.


Here’s something you probably haven’t heard in quite awhile: Washington State leads the nation in a statistic! Although they probably aren’t too proud of this accomplishment, the Cougars lead the nation in the most arrests by a college football program in the past five years.

The statistics were compiled by Mike Rosenberg, formerly of the San Jose Mercury News in the Bay Area. Twenty-four of the 31 reported arrests have occurred during current head coach Mike Leach’s tenure at Wazzu. Leach isn’t exactly a saint himself. Most of us probably remember the concussion incident he had with receiver Adam James when he was the head honcho at Texas Tech. It almost landed him in legal trouble and ultimately led to his firing from the program. Does this new evidence further deteriorate Leach’s already tarnished reputation? What do the readers think?

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Mark Weber

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  • douglas fur

    The Ricky Town transfer looks different after Sarks social blunder. Town said he and his family both really liked the Arkansas coaches. Town had entered USC in January, completed spring camp. Having had a good look he decides to transfers. It could be all about playing time but to be half a year in and decide to sit out a year I wonder if it was more.
    DRB ’74