College Football Nation: End of the First Quarter of the Season


Week 3 has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe after such a long off-season that we are a quarter of the way through the regular season already. But isn’t that what makes football so special? The many months in between seasons and the full weeks in between games create an anxiety within us that can’t be matched by any other sport.

Nothing exemplifies that anxiety like the pre-kickoff drumroll cheer most football fans know all too well. Once that ball is kicked and that cheer stops, it’s like all the problems in the world melt away. Here are a few things that happened between Week 2 and Week 3 that you may have missed in the world of college football.


The Virginia Cavaliers lost a heart-breaker on Saturday to surging Notre Dame. Back-up quarterback DeShone Kizer placed a gem of a 40-yard touchdown pass right into receiver Will Fuller‘s hands to go up 34-27 with 12 seconds remaining in the game.

Kizer had replaced starter Malik Zaire after Zaire was lost for the season in the third quarter with a broken ankle.

The comeback win was great for the Notre Dame program to avoid an upset and continue the season without a loss; however, one Virginia fan’s reaction to Kizer’s game-winning touchdown was great for the internet and society as a whole.

As you can imagine, the internet ran wild with memes after this was shown on the ABC broadcast of the game. Any creative ideas for new memes from our readers will gladly be accepted in the comment section.


Rutgers just can’t seem to get out of its own way these days as the Scarlet Knights have taken on the persona of their in-state professional counterparts the New York Jets. This week it was revealed that head coach Kyle Flood was suspended for reaching out to a professor about a player’s academic standing for the 2015 season.

An internal investigation conducted by the university found that Flood had met in person and emailed a professor from his personal email account — to keep the conversation from the university’s data bases — in an attempt to change an unnamed player’s grade so he would be eligible for the 2015 season.

In the same week, Rutgers’ receiver Leonte Carroo was involved in an altercation with a woman outside of the Rutgers’ team facility in which he picked up and slammed the woman into the concrete sidewalk.

Carroo was arrested on a simple assault charge. He posted a $1,000 bail and is currently free — although he has been suspended indefinitely by the Rutgers’ football program. Carroo’s arrest brings the football team’s arrest count up to seven in the last month alone.

Big 12

The Longhorns have already switched offensive coordinators as well as quarterbacks this season

Dan Morales

The Longhorns have already switched offensive coordinators as well as quarterbacks this season.

Since we’re on the subject of dysfunctional programs, let’s move south to the great state of Texas and zero in on the University of Texas Longhorns.

After a rough start to the 2015 season, Texas decided to part ways with Athletic Director Steve Patterson early this week after only two years with him at the controls.

Patterson’s stingy approach to fundraising rubbed boosters, alumni, and fans the wrong way when he raised ticket prices after a losing football season, pushed coaches into raising money for their scholarship funding, and created a fan loyalty program that prioritized ticket sales.

The university is now in the hunt for someone to take the job and many were pointing toward former coach Mack Brown. Brown led the Texas football program to a national title in 2005 but told CBS Sports that he has no interest in becoming the next AD.

The list of the realistic candidates to take on the job is quite impressive, headlined by West Virginia University’s AD, Oliver Luck. The rest of the list can be found here.


Cardiac specialists in Provo, Utah, have to be making a killing the last few weeks. The last minutes of BYU games must be taking a toll on the population of Provo by now after the Cougars lost starting quarterback Taysom Hill for the season — for the third year in a row — in Game 1.

His back-up, Tanner Mangum, has been electric with his two game-winning Hail Marys. The Cougars’ last two games in 2014 and first two games in 2015 have all been decided either on the last play of the game or within the last two minutes of play.


The Oregon State Beavers are ramping up their recruiting efforts with a brand new tactic that’s never been seen before.

Gary Anderson and his recruiting staff have taken a page from the recent comic book superhero craze in creating recruits on their own comic pages. OSU 4-star recruit Christian Wallace tweeted out this just days before his visit to Corvallis.

Definite style points go to OSU for creativity, but only time will tell if the comic book angle will be effective in the recruiting game.

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  • Dylan

    Um…people have been doing that comic book thing for damn near a decade. Ducks were doing that years ago. Cute that the Beavs are trying to be like big brother though.