Jordan Kent: Oregon’s Three-Sport Star


In college football today we often expect our athletes to be involved with a second sport. Lamichael James, Kenjon Barner, De’Anthony Thomas, and Devon Allen all have participated in track and field. There are rare athletes that take this a step further and take on more than just football and track. For example, we have Liz Brenner and her mission to participate in every sport at Oregon. However, before these multi-sport stars, we had Jordan Kent.

Kent anchors the relay team

Sol Neelman

Kent anchors the relay team.

Coming locally out of Churchill High School, Kent started out as a track star. He came to Oregon to run track, as he was a gifted sprinter and he knew that Eugene was Track Town USA.

While sticking to a single sport would be good enough for most athletes, it wasn’t for Kent. With his father being basketball coach Ernie Kent, he joined the basketball team as a role player.

During his first two years of college athletics, Kent developed into an all-American track star in the 200 meters, and was the anchor of the 4×100 relay.

He also became a force on defense in basketball, as he used his track speed to keep pace with any player. This led him to being named the defensive MVP for Oregon.

Even though he had become a standout athlete in both sports, this was not enough as he joined the football team his junior year.

Kent hauling in the pass

Seattle Times

Kent hauling in the pass.

At first Kent was viewed as very raw with unlimited upside. He had never played football before deciding to join Oregon. However at 6’4″, weighing close to 220 pounds, and being able to run a 4.4 40, he was perfect to become a wide receiver.

Although Kent only played in three games, his talent was obvious. In those three games, he had three receptions, one touchdown and a 39-yard average per reception.

With all the success Kent experienced, he became the first three-sport letter winner at Oregon since WWII. However, for his senior year Kent had a decision to make.

He could continue on in all three sports, or he could specialize in the one that gave him a shot at a pro career. It was for this reason that Kent decided not to participate in basketball in the 05-06 season, and instead focused on football.

With his rare size and speed, Kent just had to show scouts that he could produce in order to get a shot with a pro team.

Choosing football over basketball proved to be a good choice, as Kent was second on the team with 44 receptions. Also, he did not give up track and was able to anchor the first ever Oregon Pac-10 title in the 4×100 relay. This led to Kent being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the sixth round of the NFL draft.

While his NFL career was relatively short, he will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes, as well as one of the greatest Ducks, this program has ever had.

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Featured photo by Geoff Thurner

Inspired by the Mighty Oregon DVD

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