College Football Nation: Week 5 — a Week of Some Strange Practices

Week 5 is generally the week in the college football season when fans usually have a good idea of what direction their team is headed for the remainder of the year. Some teams know well before this and some teams are still a mystery to their fan bases (cough, cough, Ducks, cough).

Whatever the case may be for your team, there is still more than half of the season left to play, and it’s time to find out what some of these middling programs are going to do with the rest of their seasons.

Some will step up and take their seasons back while the rest will shrink back into the darkness and try their best to forget disappointing 2015 campaigns. With that, here are some stories you may have missed during the busy week.

The University of Central Florida is having a tough start to its 2015  campaign. With UCF starting 0-4, an Orlando bar named “The Basement” is creating some intrigue for the remainder of the season. In what appears to be a frat boy’s dream come true, The Basement has created a free beer promotion.

That’s right — you heard correctly — free beer! The bar will give away free beer to its customers during UCF games until the Golden Knights can pull out their first victory of the season. While this promotion will most certainly get the bar to capacity numbers, the allure of free beer may eventually turn UCF fans against their beloved team.

If you're a linemen at the University of Houston, you're living the good life.

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If you’re a lineman at the University of Houston, you’re living the good life.

New University of Houston head coach Tom Hermans is walking tall these days as he has his Cougars off to a 3-0 start this season.

Hermans has committed to changing the culture at Houston, which has been fairly mediocre the last few years without Case Keenum at quarterback.

Most coaches would agree that a successful football team starts with building solid lines on both sides of the trenches.

Hermans is taking that notion and putting it to the extreme as he recently made a move to boot boosters from first class on team flights in order to give those spots to his big fellas.

In addition, the Houston offensive and defensive linemen are first in line for all team activities [team dinners, etc.].

The SEC love in the South never ceases to find new ways to astound college football fans across the country. A farm in Tifton, Georgia, has mowed a likeness of Georgia head coach Mark Richt into its cornfield to honor Richt’s 15th season with the University of Georgia football program.

With the help of UGA agricultural Professor George Vellidis and five of his students, Rutland Farm’s owners Ryan and Meredith Rutland — both UGA alumni — wanted a unique way to commemorate Richt’s tenure in Athens and conceived a five-acre corn maze.

The maze consists of more than 250,000 stalks of corn, and it took more than two days to cut using GPS software. The students then mapped out a physical trail that Ryan followed in his six-foot mower. The maze opened to the public on Thursday.

The Rutlands expect it to take 45 minutes to an hour to navigate by map, and more than two hours if patrons decide to navigate the maze by themselves.

Ole Miss really knows how to prep for a game. The Rebels got in the mindset for their Saturday matchup with the Florida Gators by having a pregame meal of, you guessed it, alligator.

Ole Miss head strength and conditioning coach Paul Jackson tweeted out a picture of the Rebels’ unique pregame treat on Friday afternoon. Hopefully, the Gators won’t try to match the meal by eating Rebels any time soon!

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