Petersen on Adams: “All our coverage rules go out the window”

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The week leading up to the annual Oregon/Washington football game was full of trash talk and expectations from both fan base and teams. Both sides wanted the win badly and walked into the stadium having prepared to play the best game they possibly could and, in some cases, hope for the best.

The Oregon Ducks walked into Husky Stadium sporting a .500 record for the season, something that they were not accustomed to. They came into the game looking for a win to push them over the .500 mark while the Huskies hoped to put a stop to Oregon’s 11-game win streak.

No Vernon, YOU are the man.

Kevin Cline

No Vernon, YOU are the man.

What followed was a game full of ups and downs for both teams with the Ducks coming out on top, 26-20. One of the major factors for Oregon in the game was quarterback Vernon Adams — back from an injury that kept him out for the last two games and just limited play the game before.

When talking about Adams, Washington defensive back Budda Baker said, “He’s a good quarterback. Able to extend plays for a long time and keep us DB’s on our toes. He had a lot of time.”

Adams’ ability to extend the play was a common theme last night. When asked what hurt the Huskies the most, Washington head coach Chris Petersen said, “Vernon Adams is obviously where we got hurt the most … Adams’ scrambling around and buying time … keeping his eyes down the field to convert third downs … just him ad-libbing and finding guys. Those are hard to defend. All your coverage rules go out the window.”

Talking about how the Huskies did this year versus what they did last year statistics-wise, Washington Huskies’ defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski said, “What’s the saying: stats are for losers. We lost but I feel good about our efforts.” He went on to say about his team “… they battle. They play hard. The other component of that is that you’ve gotta execute.”

UW HC Chris Petersen

Kevin Cline

UW HC Chris Petersen

On what the Huskies did right, Petersen said that he felt like “our run defense was pretty good. That’s (Oregon’s) a powerful running outfit so I felt we did a pretty optimal job slowing those guys down.”

The kick return after the Huskies’ touchdown really hurt Washington’s momentum as Petersen said that Oregon” answered right away and took the momentum right out of our sails.”

Ending the conference, Petersen had this to say about the Husky team and Adams, “It didn’t feel like we played well enough at all in all phases. Defense we did some really good things but then he (Adams) scrambled around and hurt us.”

Oregon has an open date week next week and will face Arizona State on Thursday, October 29, in Tempe.

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Pat Pannu

Pat Pannu

Pat Pannu (Editor and Writer) is a recent graduate of the University of Oregon. Pat’s been a crazy Duck fan since she moved to Oregon in early 2004 and has been 95% of all home games since the 2005 football season. She loves to talk about sports though those talks somehow always end in arguments. Pat loves to hear other’s view of the sports and teams that she loves and can’t wait to hear from you all. Follow her on twitter @patpannu

  • duckusucker

    Well, it’s Adams or its a season of woe: that became very apparent, very quickly (the first drive).
    A team that can’t stretch the field, in the FBS, is dead meat. His 6/9 on third down, most if not all downfield passes, showed he’s a true leader, a clutch player that (it hurts to say it) Lockie just isn’t.

    Where are the field stretching passes we used so well these past seven years? The Huskies used them! We didn’t. Without them, the Husks and others stacked the box, making 0 yards a common occurrence between the tackles, last night.

    I know it’s tough for a shorter QB like Adams to do much w/screen passes, but Frost needs to come up with some plays to make those onrushing D-linemen pay. I recall one old-fashioned draw play that got great yardage.

    Taj Griffin. I’ve never seen such a talented guy (okay, perhaps DAT in his last season) so weakly used.
    Taj is a singular talent; he should be on the field ALL THE TIME.
    If Frost cannot fathom ways to get him the ball, Helf should. Inexcusable to mostly ignore such talent. Heck, even using him as a decoy would have an impact.

    Perspective: we played a lot of the game w/out three of our starting offensive linemen. Thankfully, we have a bye-week coming up: does anyone think Vernon can stay healthy very long against the killer’s row of teams we have coming up if he’s forced to keep running and scrambling? He took several hellacious hits last night, but we can’t expect him to do that game-in-and-game-out and keep on ticking.

    Helf and Frost need to take this week off to strategize, to find ways to get the ball out of Adams’ hands MUCH faster. That’s going to be the key to deciding whether or not this is a good season— or a mediocre one.

    • As I said on Twitter, “Atlas has the Earth on his shoulders, while the Duck World rests on Vernon Adams finger.”

      I agree with so much of what you wrote-thanks.

      • duckusucker

        I’m not a Twitterer, so thanks for sharing that!