Recruiting Update: Kelley Donning Green?


It’s taken around two weeks for Oregon’s top quarterback target, Ryan Kelley (4-Star/Chandler, Ariz./Rivals250) to break his silence following a visit to Eugene.

It was worth the wait.

I liked everything about Oregon,” said Kelley. “The stadium, the tradition, the atmosphere and how the players all got along.”

While only a junior, Kelley is a front runner in the minds of analysts and coaches alike to be one of the next great quarterbacks at the collegiate level.

“They talked about how I fit the offense and they think I have one of the strongest arms in the country. They told me they are going to stay recruiting me until they know if I’m coming … they said I’m the guy for them.”

By most accounts, Kelley is more of a pocket passer than Oregon typical targets. However, the 6-foot-2, 170 lb. signal caller is more than capable of taking off on both designed runs and broken plays. In addition, much has been made of his arm strength.

It’s no joke; Kelley has a howitzer. WTD!!!

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Top photo by Kevin Cline

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Mark Flores

Mark Flores

Mark Flores, a Salem, OR resident, is a Firefighter/Paramedic and an avid Oregon Ducks supporter. A graduate of nearby Corban University with a Bachelors Degree in English-Journalism, Flores is a Ducks football season-ticket holder (since 2010) with plans of pursuing his masters degree at the U of O. A passionate and knowledgeable Ducks fan with a heavy interest in Oregon athletics and recruiting, Flores, a former lacrosse player, brings a wealth of knowledge of Oregon teams not readily covered by the media. Flores has over seven years of professional journalism experience, including writing for the Statesman Journal in Salem and holding the position of Sports Editor for the Hilltop News (Corban University). He brings his detailed knowledge of recruiting and athletics to the FishDuck team, and welcomes your feedback. Author's Note: "I do not capitalize our rival, "that other school", nor any other institution outside of our beloved UNIVERSITY OF OREGON. WTD!!!" Twitter: @MarkDFlores

  • rubber duckey

    i watched most of the video. I saw short passes, but no bombs from what u described as a howitzer-arm. More importantly, if Ducks are supposed to have a ‘next-man-up’, why does that apply to every position except QB. That is the most critical position, and the coaching staff has egregiously been AWOL on procuring 3 or 4 hi-end quality QB to compete and be ‘next man up’ when needed. Terrible terrible coaching and recruit5ing malfeasance.

    • Bruce

      All these coaches did was take us to the National Championship game and a number 2 in the country finish last season – just a few months ago Einstein.

      • Jodohaynes

        You mean Marcus… I think you mean Marcus took the team to a NC… coaches coach.. players play… and the coaches recruit… which they have failed to do at QB at a high level since
        Marcus 4 years ago. Oregon has moved past where being a bridesmaid is okay… they sure make use pay as if this was true.
        PS.. Don’t be a Fuskie and insult a person for their opinion because its different from yours.

        • SeattleDuck

          If the “Marcus was the whole team” theory was remotely true, you’d see a much higher correlation between best QB in the country/best team than what actually exists. Way to give no credit to the rest of the team… guys that this coaching staff recruited.

    • Anthony Joseph Gomes

      this guy is a troll. button pusher with no opinion worth listening to. allow yourself to be manipulated or simply ignore him. his remarks not only lack insight they also lack sincerity.


    He is OK but I feel Jonsen has a higher sealing and he can throw the bomb. This guy can throw it but I didn’t see the Howlitzer you are talking about. Oregon really needs a QB that has wheels and Jonsen has that also. This guy obviously can run but he’s not that fast. I would like to see film of the kid verballed to Maryland and see how good he is. The problem people are also forgetting about the recruiting of QB’s is when Marcus was here I think a lot of these highly rated guy’s figured what if Mariota stays till his senior year then I’m not going to see the field until he’s gone. Still this staff needs to go after these guy’s hard and get a commitment or go elsewhere because if this Kelly is the future then he needs to commit. Look at A@M and Bama and other places like SC is they get their future signal callers earlier than Oregon and lately it’s like a crap shoot trying to get the right fit. Oregon has always had a viable replacement for when someone left except this year and maybe next year.

    • Mallard Duck

      Yes exactly. The coaches may have been so focused on getting to the Natty last year, that they forgot to recruit quality replacements for post Mariota years. However, they have the opportunity to fix that ‘now’ … but are still not taking the active correction by going for 2 or 3 quality QBs at once. If the QBs are really good, they won’t mind the competition, as they will push each other greater performance. But this going after only 1 at a time is foolish.

  • Anthony Joseph Gomes

    i still like tua taglovailovia better than either martell or kelley. if i could i would take them both though. tua has stronger arm, quicker release and is a better runner than kelley. on the down side tua is only 6 ft and is a southpaw. not sure if being a lefty matters. kelley has a QB rating of about 140 tua has a QB rating of about 200.

    what seals the deal is this: tua REALLY WANTS TO BE A DUCK!!!!!!! i say give him a schollie