College Football Nation: Locker Room Pranks, Lane Kiffin and Leonard Fournette


For those of us that have played organized team sports, we all know there is always that one teammate (no matter the sport) who has the absolute worst smelling locker or gear bag. If you couldn’t pinpoint the smelly kid on the team, then that means it was probably you and nobody had the heart to tell you.

For the Texas Longhorns’ football program the worst smelling locker award goes to defensive end Jordan Strickland. Longhorns’ cornerback Kris Boyd joined forces with a few teammates who decided enough was enough and put Strickland on blast with a clever video post via twitter Friday morning.

Well done, Kris, well done. Just a follow-up prank idea here — a Costco 10-pack of Febreeze waiting in Strickland’s locker before practice on Monday.

Lane Kiffin's last head coaching opportunity ended on the LAX tarmac when he was fried from USC after a 61-42 road loss to Arizona State in 2013

Kevin Cline

Lane Kiffin’s last head coaching opportunity ended on the LAX tarmac when he was fired from USC after a 61-42 road loss to Arizona State in 2013.

With “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” set to hit theaters soon, it seems only right that the evil empire down in Tuscaloosa gets broken up as well.

The Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader relationship that Alabama head coach Nick Saban and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin share has “run its course,” according to’s Jeff Ermann.

Kiffin has interviewed for the head coaching position at the University of Maryland. Former head coach Randy Edsall was fired by Maryland in early October after a three-game losing streak that saw the Terrapins outscored by a 122-34 margin.

The Crimson Tide will also have to consider the possibility of losing defensive coordinator Kirby Smart to one of the many high profile head coaching vacancies that are slated to open up.

Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, USC, Minnesota, UCF and Hawaii, in addition to Maryland, will be competing for new head coaches this off-season.

While we are speaking about the SEC, USA Today reported this week that LSU’s Heisman contestant Leonard Fournette and his family are being investigated by the NCAA in relation to a short-lived website that was allegedly created to sell Fournette merchandise.

According to the report, Paul Price, the Fournette family manager, made $10,000 in payments to create merchandise sporting Fournette’s catch phrase “BUGA Nation.”  BUGA is an acronym for Being United Generates Attitude, coined by the Fournette family.

The site was launched during LSU’s 2014 season opener and existed for less than 24 hours. Fournette and LSU have not yet commented on the matter. It’s against NCAA rules to use a player’s likeness or image for profit, and the website in question skirted this issue by using the family’s catchphrase.

This bit comes from the high school gridiron during a class 6A second-round playoff game in Sherwood, Oregon. Sherwood High School senior kicker, running back and linebacker Adley Rutshcman set a new state record under the Friday night lights.

Rutschman nailed a 63-yard field goal with 2.9 seconds remaining in the first half — in the rain — after missing a 41-yard attempt earlier in the game. The previous state record stood at 55 yards and the national record remains intact at 68 yards.

The field goal put Sherwood up 38-7 going into the locker room. Rutschman is committed to Oregon State next year but on the baseball diamond rather than the football field. With a leg like that the Beavers’ head football coach Gary Anderson might want to extend a camp invite to the incoming freshman.

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