Ducks’ Length and Athleticism Dismantles the Beacons


Whether it was senior transfer Chris Boucher dominating the opening tipoff or the rim-rattling dunks and ferocious blocks, it’s evident the Ducks’ roster is full of talented big men, an area that has been lacking in recent years.

The Ducks opened their 2015-16 campaign with a 92-44 victory over the Northwest Christian Beacons. Dillon Brooks led the way with 26 points and 11 rebounds. Highly recruited freshman Tyler Dorsey chipped in with 15 points of his own.

Under the coaching and guidance of Dana Altman, freshman Tyler Dorsey is sure to have much success.

Gary Breedlove

Under the coaching and guidance of Dana Altman, freshman Tyler Dorsey is sure to have much success.

After a slow start, the Ducks used a 12-0 run to surge in front of the Beacons. Clogging the passing lanes and contesting every shot, the Ducks tenacious defense led to countless transition layups by Brooks and senior Elgin Cook.

Although an exhibition game, the Ducks dominated all aspects of the game, especially points in the paint, points off turnovers and 2nd chance points. The Ducks forced 17 turnovers, led by Casey Benson’s 4 steals.

The most intriguing statistic on the night was the 58 total rebounds that the Ducks collected.

This bruising style of basketball was uncommon to see and contradicted the normal up tempo and perimeter style offense that coach Altman has been accustomed to running.

In a postgame interview Altman addressed the unfamiliar play style by admitting that 66 points in the paint is incredible, but not something to get used to. Altman preached the importance of moving the ball around the perimeter and cutting to the basket, occasionally dropping it into the post.

With talented and athletic big men in Boucher (7 blocks) and Dwayne Benjamin (13 points and 8 boards) this Ducks team will create countless mismatches with any team in the Pac-12.

6'10 forward Chris Boucher glides through the air on his way to an 11 point and 7 block debut game.

Gary Breedlove

6’10 forward Chris Boucher glides through the air on his way to an 11 point and 7 block debut game.

I had the opportunity to speak with NCU senior guard Nick Sullivan who tallied 9 points for the Beacons.

Sullivan’s response to my question, “What was the toughest part about facing the Ducks?” reaffirms the versatility of the Ducks. “This is a really tough, physical, and athletic Duck team.

“They are relentless crashing the glass and get a ton of offensive rebounds. They are hard to match up with their size and strength.”

Mathew Knight Arena was electric with the return of the high-flying Ducks. This season should be full of exciting games as the Ducks look to be a real contender for the Pac-12 championship and NCAA tournament.

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Sam Felton

Sam Felton

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    Sucks Ennis is out but just means our younglings have to grow up fast. I have faith they will with Altman coaching them up. People tend to under estimate his Coaching. Can everyone just imagine if he keeps bringing in these 4 and maybe 5 star players every recruiting year they will sooner or later be getting back to a Elite 8 or even better. Wow the Ducks have picked it up in all sports.