The Search (For an Offensive Coach) Continues

So why hasn’t Mark Helfrich already named Matt Lubick the offensive coordinator?  Why is Helfrich making Lubick essentially “audition” for the job?  BECAUSE HE CAN.

I’ve always admired patience.  Decisions are more often made correctly if all the necessary information has been accumulated.  Rushes to judgment usually don’t work out so well.  Mark Helfrich is showing admirable restraint in naming an OC, because he can.

Scott Frost leaves a high profile position open in his wake.

John Giustina

Scott Frost leaves a high profile position open in his wake.

Most of us think Lubick is a no-brainer for the promotion.  He’s extremely competitive, greatly admired by the players, and, arguably, the smartest coach on a very intelligent staff [including Helfrich and Frost, when he was here].  He is pretty much obsessive in his attention to details.  Lubick already thoroughly knows the intricacies of the passing offense – and I’m sure has ways he’d like to improve it.   Matt is obviously next-in-line from the current staff.  And, as we’ve seen, Helfrich likes to promote from within.

So what’s the problem?

What if Lubick isn’t good at being an OC?  A great assistant doesn’t always make a great coordinator.  What if he doesn’t like it?  The job isn’t in Lubick’s comfort zone?

Another thing to consider:  Lubick would HAVE to coach QBs in order to be the OC.  For some reason, most of you don’t seem to want to understand this concept:

NO WR coaches are OCs.  Because in order to coach the WRs, the coach must WATCH THE WRs, and, therefore, NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT THE OTHER OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE PLAYERS ARE DOING.  Not a good idea for an offensive coordinator.  Got it?

What if Lubick isn’t good at/doesn’t like coaching QBs?  Could the Ducks add a QB coach and another WR coach, and then have Lubick oversee the whole thing, without coaching a specific position?  There aren’t enough coaches allowed on the staff for this to occur.  A way around this – that other teams, but never the Ducks, have done – is to bring in a QB coach and have a GA [graduate assistant] be the WR coach.  Nate Costa could do that for one more year, but would Helfrich want to go that way?

Will the Ducks land Tim Cransey and his QB this offseason?


Will the Ducks land Tim Cransey and his QB this offseason?

So, why not wait?  If Lubick’s audition goes as I’d expect it to, promote Lubick to OC, and hire an extremely well-qualified WR coach [I’m sure they’re out there].  If Lubick doesn’t work out right, there would be plenty of outstanding OC-QB coaches to choose from.

Tim Cramsey, the ex Montana St. OC, is the name that seems to be dominating.  Would he take the WR job if Lubick is the OC?  I’d answer, duh.  It’s an outstanding job, running offensive concepts Cramsey knows well – and could enthusiastically and knowledgeably supplement [especially thoroughly knowing Dakota Prukop’s abilities].  He’d also potentially become the next OC in waiting.  If Lubick isn’t the next OC, Cramsey would definitely be at the top of list of possible candidates.  But, because it’s such a great opportunity, Cramsey will probably patiently wait until after the Alamo Bowl.

The only possible bad outcome of these possible scenarios is Lubick resenting not getting a promotion and going elsewhere.  Heck, there’s a possible downside to almost everything.

So, let’s trust the patient and knowledgeable  judgment of Mark Helfrich.  That he’ll make just the right moves, and the Oregon offense will be even better than ever next year.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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Coach Morris

Coach Morris

Coach Mike Morris spent 30 years coaching at seven different high schools throughout Southern California. He coached many players who went on to Pac-12 programs including Oregon, such as Saladin McCullough. He is a writer, Football analyst and a good friend of the Principal of the site.


    Hey Coach I know your not going to agree with my comment, but you are exactly right on the position Coach doesn’t always make the other better. I would have to say DP wasn’t the right hire and honestly don’t think he was that great of a LB Coach either. The letdown in the OS 2nd half was pretty ugly and should not of happened against a not very talented team. That to me is on the guy collecting 6 figure checks every year. As far as Lubick, he will be a really good OC and you said is very intelligent. He is a great recruiter and needs to be retained on this staff. I believe Chins needs to be retained also because he’s a bright young Coach who also is on par with Matt in recruiting. Love your stuff Coach and thanks.

    • Bruce

      The Ducks were HUGE favorites in the Civil War and totally dominated the Beavs for most of the 1st half. After OSU’s opening drive, they gained 21 yards on their remaining 19 plays of the half. If the Ducks had been playing a good team, they OBVIOUSLY would have continued to play defense with that intensity in the 2nd half!

      • Boggs

        Bruce, I agree to the extend that our defense is capable of better. We tend to play up or down to the competition. I don’t, however, like our defensive scheme overall for our goals (see my post above).


    Cransey played QB at New Hampshire and later Coached on that staff I believe he coached after Chip was gone.

  • Boggs

    All this talk about a new OC and what we REALLY need is a new DC. The “bend don’t break” defense conflicts with our goal of offensive tempo wearing down their defense because the BDB defense allows opponents to sustain long drives. It’s literally the worst defense we could be running.

  • Buddy

    Hire slow……….FIRE FAST.