The Long And Short Of The NFL Draft Vs Vernon Adams

Oregon Ducks quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. (3) enjoys his new fans. The No. 7 Oregon Ducks open the season in a face-off with Eastern Washington at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon on September 5, 2015. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)

Is it bias when you take an athlete on for his size in a sport where size matters?  Vernon Adams thinks so.

Vernon Adams

While Vernon Adams may have started his College football career at Eastern Washington; we know him best for his time in the spotlight as the Duck Quarterback who had to follow Marcus Mariota.  Adams soldiered through injuries at Oregon, but at the Alamo Bowl Adams took a hit from TCU’s Derrick Kindred and landed on the turf where he lay for several minutes before being taken to the locker room for observation.  However, this last season Adams still threw 26 touchdowns with only 6 interceptions, with more than 2700 yards in the air.  Good numbers for any quarterback.  Or in the NFL’s eyes, not too bad for a short guy.  The NFL likes them tall and Adams, at 5′ 11″ and 190lbs falls under the 6′ minimum number that NFL pundits prefer.  Check out these various sportsbook reviews for some insight into what the real world guys think.

In fact Adams has been taking a lot of heat for his apparently diminutive nature (I thought Joe Pesci was the definition of that…) and it sounds like he’s had enough.  This last week Adams got vocal about it.  In an interview with USA Today Sports Adams called out Jared Goff,

“I’ve played Jared Goff. They always want to talk about my hands being too small, but my hands are bigger than his. I’ve played in snowy games. I’ve played in rainy games. I’ve played in negative-15 degree games. Look at my wins to losses, look at my touchdowns to interceptions. Look at my career yards.”

Big hands, ok.  He seems to have the confidence that, ah, goes along with that.  Recently he informed Sports Illustrated that he believes that he has the talent to be the number two quarterback in the NFL Draft.  Cocky or confident?  Pundits are telling Adams that he’s a 3rd round pick at best and may need to consider pursuing his career as a free agent.  According to USA Today Adams had a clear response to that,

“Everybody’s knocked me because of my height—they’re saying I’ll go from the third round to not drafted at all. And if I’m not drafted at all, they obviously don’t think I can start.  I’m very blessed that I can do this and have the career that I had in college. I’m going to be happy. If I am a priority free agent, I’m going to go to whichever team, and they’re going to love me.”

One thing for sure Adams, you were a class act Duck and we love you for that.

The 2016 NFL Draft kicks off on April 28th with the first round and goes through Saturday, April 30th.

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