Oregon Softball Snags 4th-Straight Pac-12 Title, Psyched for Post-Season Play

Oregon Celebrates their 4th Pac-12 Title

The Women of Oregon softball have done it again! Not only did they defeat Utah in this weekend’s series, but they took the Pac-12 title, as well! This is their fourth straight Pac-12 title, solidly placing this team at the top of Oregon softball history.

Cheridan Hawkins Throwing another incredible pitch during Friday's game

Gary Breedlove

Cheridan Hawkins throwing to another strikeout victim during Friday’s game.

No. 3 Oregon took an early lead in the series with a win over Utah at Jane Sanders Stadium on Thursday, 5-1. That win finalized Oregon’s place as the top team in the Pac-12! The enthusiasm of the crowd and team was at an all-time high as the women collected their trophy and celebrated their total domination.

On Friday night, Oregon had a slight misstep with Utah gaining the win, 3-2, over the Ducks. Oregon did not let the small setback ruin the spirit of the weekend, bouncing back to defeat Utah, 3-2. The Utes played admirably all weekend, but ultimately the Ducks proved why they are the No. 1 team in the Pac-12.

Before Saturday’s game, Oregon softball took time to recognize the eight seniors who have brought incredible energy, talent and record-breaking moments to the program over the past four seasons.

These seniors, including Cheridan Hawkins and Janelle Lindvall, marked the new beginning for the softball program, especially considering Oregon had not won a single Pac-12 title before their freshman year. These women have won a Pac-12 title every season they have played with Oregon and were instrumental in making the Oregon softball program the exciting and impressive team they are today.

The next stop for Oregon softball is the NCAA Regionals, where they are the No 5 seed and are set to host the Eugene Regionals. The Eugene Regionals will be May 20 through May 22 at Jane Sanders Stadium and will feature Oregon, Fordham, Long Beach State and Baylor.

There is no stopping these women, and they are sure to bring even more pride to Oregon than they already have when they take part in post-season play.

The featured video is a recap of Thursday’s title-winning game.

We thank Pac-12 Networks for making this video available.

Top Photo by Gary Breedlove

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Sarah Greenlaw

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