My friends, it is stunning how much football information is within this site from years of work by so many writers, analysts and coaches. I am creating this article for the sole purpose of simply creating a link for other places on the site to help the readers and coaches to find their topic of interest. To go directly to the new Analysis Library by, do click here for the Analysis Library.

This incredible Analysis Library has over 300 different analysis articles that are categorized and organized to find your subject quickly. Some articles are placed in several different categories as a particular analysis may cover more than one particular topic.

I have been working on this Analysis Library for over two weeks and have published some pages, but they are not placed on the site or promoted at all, yet fans of UCLA (Chip Kelly) Nebraska (Scott Frost) and now the Chicago Bears (Mark Helfrich) are finding these pages already to learn about their new coach. Hence I am rolling it out faster than planned with most of it done and adding to it day-by-day over the next two weeks.

From Video

LaMichael James powers thru Washington.

I was contacted by a NFL website for a half-hour interview for a podcast about Coach Mark Helfrich, thus I need to have it up in the next week–and will. My friends, part of my gift to fans and coaches everywhere is this Analysis Library (part of the bigger Oregon Football Repository being created as well) and the modest hits/visits will help pay the costs of the site since current articles are only two to three a week is all.

What will be in the Analysis Library? Wow….it encompasses so much Oregon football that I can barely believe it, and there will be nothing like it out there for free. There is a designated page for all the World Famous FishDuck Oregon Spread Offense Instructional Videos that have been viewed over 1.7 million times and counting.

We have a complete section on the Oregon Spread Offense and separated into two sections; the Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost Spread Offense, with another as the Mario Cristobal, Marcus Arroyo and Willie Taggart Spread Offense. Within these sections are categories such as the Playbook, Passing Attack, Zone Reading, No-Huddle and Game Planning as examples.

Whoa–this not only about offense my friends as all the articles about the Nick Aliotti and Jim Leavitt defense will be there along with Special Teams analysis as well. We even have a special section for the fans and one section especially for the coaches.

More is going to be added with the Player Technique articles over the next couple of weeks, and as we add more analysis articles–they go into the library!

And … it takes money for web development costs, so if you would like to help create this for all Oregon fans–do click here to learn how. If you are retired, and have decent tech skills and can volunteer 5-10 hours a week? I do have a ton more I wish to add and need help with the upcoming massive Oregon Football Repository. Go to the top and click on “Contact” to email me.

“Oh how we love to learn about our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer    (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

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