Author: Alex Hausman

Can anyone hang with Oregon?

Copyright Andrew Shurtleff It has now been two weekends of glorious college football, and there have been more than just this season’s fair share of early upsets and surprises – none more shocking than Wazzu taking down the mighty Trojans in the Coliseum, without scoring an offensive touchdown (I still can’t believe […]

Oregon Proves Its Might

Kevin Cline If the Ducks didn’t prove anything on Saturday, then I don’t know who did.  Most of the talk from Saturday’s action surrounded the play of the Michigan Wolverines and their star quarterback, Devin Gardner.  What most people either overlook, or have come to expect, is the Ducks dismantling […]

The Future is Bright

With the college sports-less dog days of summer upon us, it is not a bad time to take a step back and look at just how successful and great a season it was for our men’s basketball team, despite their loss to eventual NCAA Champion Louisville in the Sweet 16.  Heading into the season, most […]