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  • Mark Emmert E1407625006321

    O’Bannon Decision is the Beginning of the End for the NCAA

    A tough year for the NCAA just got worse. In a historic decision released on Friday, Judge Claudia Wilken of the Northern District of California ruled that the NCAA could not stop its member institutions from paying student-athletes and that schools could also grant athletic …

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    3 Ways Oregon Makes Sure the Defense is Always Wrong

    One reason I love the style of offense that Oregon uses is that it makes so much sense. In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon to hear football coaches say things like, “I don’t care if they put 14 guys in the box, we’re going to …

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  • G1XyHASUYBeLIGd3NhlV Foqi72QqoX70tmlNNagN7Ui769ElaeyTnRTI3TWJKwbh2vWS2IMmpgw41b68hA4G8 E1402609309885

    Three Shortcuts to Creating a No-Huddle Offense

    The trademark of the Oregon offense since the start of the Chip Kelly era has been the speed with which the ball gets moved down the field. The Ducks have a habit of marching down and scoring in a hurry, and since Mark Helfrich took over last …

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    Punch/Counterpunch: Analyzing the Oregon 2nd-Level Read

    The spring season has come and gone in the college football world, it was a teaser sticking around just long enough to leave everyone wanting even more in typical George Costanza-style.  It’s often hard to project success or failure based on a few spring practices, and in …

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  • Mark Emmert E1397964775777

    The NCAA is Doomed — and They Know It

    With the recent ruling of the National Labor Relations Board in favor of the athletes at Northwestern, the whole order of college athletics finds itself at a tipping point unlike anything ever seen since the inception of the NCAA more than a century ago. Currently, the vast …

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  • Saban

    Yes, Nick Saban, This is What We Want Football to Be

    The never-ending evolution of football schemes has resulted in more points lighting up the scoreboard than ever before.  These days, however, it seems like some of the biggest battles in the sport are occurring off the field.  College football has never been more popular in …

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  • Philly Featured Pic

    Three Reasons Why Chip Kelly’s Offense is Not a Fad

    The list of college coaches who have transitioned well to the professional level is not a long one, and shorter still is the list of those who have done well right away.  Often it’s an inability to deal properly with professional players, other times the …

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