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  • DeAnthony Thomas 8 Nicholls13KC E1399869792799

    The Black Mamba Enters Prime Time

    This past weekend marked the all-exciting NFL draft, where dreams came true and hopes were shattered, as player after player, each hoping to turn his passion for the game into a career, waited anxiously for his name to be called. The seven-round NFL draft is …

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  • Autzen Entrance FI KC1

    Robinson Twins: The Ducks Developing a Dynamic Duo

    Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia, Missouri, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC, Utah and Washington are just a handful of the quality programs that offered scholarships to blue-chip twin brothers Tyree and Tyrell Robinson.  They are now both proud Ducks. Tyree redshirted last …

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  • Alex Featured Image

    Danny Mattingly: The Next Big Hitter

    What does it take to be a dominant linebacker?  Strength, agility, competitiveness and leadership, all of these qualities in combination set the great apart from the journeyman.  Additionally, strong linebackers help set the tempo on that side of the ball and become the “glue” of …

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  • Theo Friedman Craig Strobeck Featured Image

    Theo Friedman — Freshman Walk-On — A Guard’s Guard

    Relentless persistence and determination are qualities that set great athletes apart from the simply good.  These qualities are also critically important to an athlete that isn’t offered a scholarship.  No scholarship means a player is not guaranteed a spot on the team, but rather just …

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  • Lapray Group Featured Image Kevin Cline

    Lapray’s IQ Fundamental to Success

    Basketball is a sport that has developed into a much more complex game than to those who knew it many years back.  It has certainly evolved into a bigger, faster and stronger game.  In such a sport which has so many essential components for both …

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  • Carter Dribbling Featured Image Kevin Cline

    Duckling Profile: There’s No “I” in Carter

    Many athletes and sports fanatics have heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” For Ben Carter, he not only embodies this idea, but also practices it.  He makes himself available to play many positions on the court, not just one.  That versatility is …

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  • Dotson Featured1

    Duckling Profile: For Damyean Dotson, Age is Just a Number

    Many viewers and even coaches like to talk about “age” as a big factor.  Competing at the high school level differs enormously compared to a Division I college level.  But for some, like Damyean Dotson, age is nothing but a number.  Only in his sophomore season …

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  • Featured Image Dominic Artis Craig Strobeck

    Duckling Profile: Check Out These Dominic Arti-stats

    Basketball: a sport that many a casual fan judges merely by points scored.  Points, however, ultimately have little to do with final outcomes.  As we know, teams can score 90 points and lose, then score 65 and win.  This is a complex game where, as …

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  • Arik Armstead Featured 570 Washington State13CS

    Duckling Profile: Arik Armstead – A Force on the Field and on the Floor

    Not every high school athlete makes it in college sports, especially at the D-1 level.  Success at this level requires diligence, athleticism and commitment much greater than even the most demanding high school programs.  It’s a rare athlete who can star at even one college …

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  • Damyean Dotson 6 North Dakota1314KC E1387069350111

    Ducks Rolling on the Road to the Big Dance

    Kevin Cline With football coming to an end and basketball in full swing, Duck fans couldn’t be more excited for our 9-0 men’s basketball team, which is rolling down the road toward the Big Dance like an empty 18-wheeler with a tail wind.  Last year the Ducks won the PAC-12 …

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