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  • Pregame 52 UCLA13CS E1408995526452

    Superstition and How It Works for the Good of the Ducks

    And so it begins. A brand new season of college football is upon us, and with it a brand new assortment of superstitions. (Cue all the eerie music from the Sci-Fi channel.) Growing up in an all-University of Oregon household, I learned to love the Ducks …

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  • Fans 30 Tennessee13KC E1407782944791

    Student Season Ticket Standoff

    Refresh … Refresh … Is this thing working? Did I lose my spot in line? Is it time yet? Will I be able to go to ANY football games this year? What if I don’t get tickets?! What has the world come to?! This is a …

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  • Brady Aiello

    From Dons to Ducks: One on One With New Recruit Brady Aiello

    Offensive tackle is arguably one of the most important positions on a football team. Vital to the outside run game and pass protection, an OT must be skilled in a lot of different aspects of blocking. Sixteen-year-old Brady Aiello from Lafayette, California, believed he had what …

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  • Mark Vs Mark

    Mark vs Mark: Who Will Reign Supreme?

    Oregon’s second game on the schedule brings a match-up that could define the Ducks’ entire season, for better or worse. A win against Michigan State would help the Ducks dramatically improve their chances of contending for a National Title — especially under the new playoff system. …

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  • Chip Kelly Eagles E1400964133822

    Three Former Ducks Join Eagles’ Flock in Philly

    The Philadelphia Eagles are increasingly becoming an NFL reflection of the Oregon Ducks.  The NFL draft earlier this month saw two Ducks go to the Eagles, wide receiver Josh Huff (3rd round) and defensive lineman Taylor Hart (5th round).  The Eagles also signed un-drafted UO defensive lineman …

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  • Mariota Vs Beavs.kc 1 E1391410792571

    Athletes Say “Bite Me” to Outdated NCAA Food Rules

    Let’s face it.  Athletes are a rare breed.  Bigger.  Stronger. Faster.  And, quite logically, hungrier.  Have you ever wondered what kind of appetite you’d have as a Division 1 athlete practicing every day, sometimes twice a day?  Have you ever wondered what it would be …

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