Author: Ashley Young

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The Power of Flight Achieved

I remember two years ago sitting in the crowd at the brand new Matthew Knight Arena, but my jaw was almost to the floor. I wasn’t watching Johnathan Loyd slicing through defenders or E.J. Singler dropping three’s. Instead, I was...

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Congrats Mariota! Love, The Beavers.

It is a true sign of sportsmanship to go out of your way to recognize a unique individual, despite the team logo on the helmet. So let’s say that, hypothetically, the Oregon State Beavers made it to a prestigious college bowl game or the...

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Defense Wins Championships?

Is this statement a little dated? Let’s be honest — when you watch the Oregon Ducks, what is the first thing you see? An up-tempo offense that gets the job done, or which uniform they will be wearing this week?...