Author: Brent Pennington


Oregon Ducks Football: Getting “Juiced?”

The two previous football seasons were torture for Oregon fans. Our expectations of winning, even the national title, were crushed as mediocrity, confusion and mistakes became the norm, replacing the dominance, resourcefulness and the high-scoring Ducks performances we had become so...


Mama’s Bigger, Stronger Guys and Ducks Football

I have often thought in the past few years about bigger, stronger and faster football players at Oregon.  I guess that’s because of the success and the overall upward trajectory of the UO football program over the last seven or so...


Ducks Basketball Endgame: Which Team Shows Up?

The 2016-2017 men’s basketball season has been a remarkable run. One for the ages and one to remember, indeed. But will the Ducks finish strong and as the best they can be, or will they hit the wall, unable to...