Author: Caleb Couturie


A Farewell to and an Ode to My Ducks

Here I am, after nearly 15 months, writing my last article for I started before I even stepped foot on campus for my freshman year. Doe-eyed and terrified, I contacted Charles Fischer, an incredibly passionate Duck enthusiast who scared the...


There Are Bright Spots Moving Forward

I won’t lie, it was hard. I stood nine rows back on the 20-yard line, surrounded by my fellow students and friends, watching the Ducks let opportunity after opportunity slip out of their grasps. We were wet and cold, but simultaneously...

A Sad Day For Duck Fans 18

What is the Appropriate Reaction to the Utah Game?

Confusion. Okay, now that I’ve answered the entire question of the article I guess I’ll just go home … … Kidding. But seriously, confusion is the only appropriate answer for how the Ducks game unfolded. Over the course of this...