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  • Mariotapassingosu

    The Oregon Epitome: Baylor?

    Did you see Baylor run the ball inside well AND throw the long ball for touchdowns in the Holiday Bowl?  It reminded me of our game at Michigan in 2007 where we threw three bombs for TDs, and yet had Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart …

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  • What Rich Brooks DID to us…?

    I have often thought about what Coach Brooks achieved at Oregon, but the real accomplishment is where he brought us from when he began.  But what about later?  What was left after he moved up to the NFL, and later to the SEC at Kentucky? …

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  • Coachesconferinghbu

    First time in nearly FIVE YEARS over 50 rebounds?

    Our beloved Basketball Ducks got 52 rebounds in the game against Houston Baptist for the first time of over 50 rebounds since January of 2007.  While the progression of the Ducks has not been as fast as Coach Dana Altman would like, their improvement on …

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  • A1

    Chip Kelly’s Strangest Play (EVER)

    My friends, we have now gone through TWO football seasons together, studying and learning with gusto the fine points of the Chip Kelly spread offense and many of the new emerging concepts and tendencies.  There are some amazing plays and strategies from this last season …

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  • A

    Chip Kelly Slashes the Beavers Two Ways on One Play?

    Does Oregon have an audible at the line of scrimmage to change the defender being zone read on the play?  Sometimes the choice looks predetermined, but we might have some proof from the Civil War game that audibles are taking place as I suspected.  If so, …

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  • Ask your Recruiting Questions Here!

    We always get a fascinating perspective on recruiting from Chris Charbonnier as he gives us probabilities on the chances of landing particular players and why.  As we wind down the last two months of recruiting he will offer an occasional column where he answers questions …

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  • 44

    FishDuck.com AND Oregon had an 11-1 Year!

    Isn’t it interesting to see how life and sports can be so similar at times?  Our beloved Ducks had a tremendous year with one setback, and it is amazing how FishDuck.com has experienced the same success path.  Let’s take a minute to bring you up …

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  • A4

    Chip Kelly Wins “Cat-&-Mouse” Game with OSU

    It would be easy to attribute this victory over Oregon State to the Beavers NOT having the same defensive personnel as Stanford, yet the fact is few teams in the nation have the talent on defense of the Cardinal.  Oregon State emerged into a fine …

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  • A2

    How Stanford Stopped the Oregon Offense

    Losses such as this one are frustrating, but we have a unique learning opportunity as Oregon fans to find out just what the Cardinal did to stop the highest scoring offense in Oregon history.  This article is co-authored with Josh Schlichter and today is the …

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  • 11

    Oregon’s Innovative “Cross-Buck” and “Tiny TE” Passing Strategies

    There are TWO promises I can count on from Oregon games these days. The first is Chip Kelly throwing one or two new strategies/plays into a game which makes our study of the evolving Oregon offense so satisfying.  The second promise is that one of …

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