Author: Charles Fischer

Chip Tunnel Ackbar 7

On to Cal: The PERFECT Trap Game!

I have heard the mantra about the faceless opponent and that Chip never loses to a foe he shouldn’t; baloney. The first time will come and this Saturday is the PERFECT Trap Game for Oregon to stumble. Remember the let-down...

A 8

Chip’s Winning Game Plan Against USC

We at have been looking at the plays that Chip Kelly springs upon his opponents, and for this game we choose to look at a strategy that was first noticed by our Senior Football Analyst, Josh Schlichter.  Most of the...

What’s Up With DAT? 15

What’s Up With DAT?

DeAnthony Thomas has been described as electric, scintillating, sick, and most importantly…the Black Mamba. However, I would now call him The Magician, as lately he has just disappeared. I’m not going to bore you with the numbers; we know what...