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    Oregon’s Preparations for Stanford in the Spring

    The window for us fans that is the Spring Game revealed much more this year than many would believe as I too had a hard time fathoming what I was seeing on the field from Head Coach Mark Helfrich.  Just as he has been aggressive …

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    The FishDuck.com 2014 Spring Game Analysis

    By Charles Fischer and the “Grizzled Ol’ Coach” Mike Morris We have ALL been fooled by Spring Games of the past, as players who starred in these May games would not ever see the light of day on the football field in the fall – or they …

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    An Oregon Unknown: No Duck Coach Better Than Mark Helfrich — EVER

    The name tag at the Oregon Coaches Clinic simply said, “Charles Fischer,” and the staff kind of smirked at me as I picked up the intro packet before the first speaker began.  I was surprised at the brevity of my ID considering that all the …

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    An Oregon Unknown: The Trap Play That Never Was …

    Every team has a “Trap” play in it’s offense, and as a high school offensive lineman I loved to pull in a “Tackle Trap” and nail the first defensive lineman who showed up in front of me.  You blast them from the side, and usually …

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    Can You FORGIVE Mark Helfrich?

    We, as loyal and dedicated Oregon fans, are all still going through a mental transition from Chip Kelly to Mark Helfrich, and for most of us it has been difficult and even illuminating our true nature of being an Oregon fan, learning about ourselves within this conversion. …

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  • Henry Mondeaux

    Recruiting Methodology Drills Deep at Oregon

    Coach Mark Helfrich pulled the curtain aside for just a moment recently to let Oregon fans get a glimpse of some of the deeper recruiting strategies implemented by Oregon football.  We know how Chip Kelly began a much more intense ‘vetting process’ when he became …

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  • Alamo Bowl

    Two Recruiting Revelations That Surprised FishDuck

    We all know of them, the “Web Wackos” who post crazy stuff about Oregon football on the major recruiting message boards.  You would think they had never experienced a recruiting season before, and perhaps for some of the 14-year-olds posting (in maturity, if not biological), …

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    The BEST Zone Blocking Analysis on the Web

      Coach Levi Steier gave us an analysis of Zone Blocking that had been a regular article in our “FishWrap” in the past.  It was such an extraordinary article that I placed it in our Offensive Tutorials in the “Directory” (tab at top of site) …

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    Taylor Hart’s MONSTER Two-Gap Alamo Bowl

    Everyone knows that linebackers get the bulk of the tackles in a game, thus it was huge surprise to learn that Taylor Hart was Oregon’s leading tackler in the Alamo Bowl, in what was his pinnacle career game with the Ducks.  I consulted with one of …

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    The Wall Street Journal cites FishDuck.com!

    We are excited to announce that Kevin Clark of The Wall Street Journal cited Charles Fischer and FishDuck.com as the source for his story about Chip Kelly in the Friday, January 3rd, 2014 issue, Why the Eagles Aren’t Ducks.  Here is an excerpt: (You can …

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