Author: Gabe Judah

The Habit of Kicking 0

The Habit of Kicking

You know what’s worse than field goals?  Missed field goals.  Everybody agrees that this is a truism.  Some, however, might take it one step further and say that the only thing worse than missing...

It’s Time to Panic 1

It’s Time to Panic

  There are times when a calm demeanor and patience help turn a team around.  Now is not that time.  The Duck basketball team lost its second straight game this week, being beaten by Cal.  They were crushed...

A Salute to Bryan Bennett 1

A Salute to Bryan Bennett

There are those fans who always seem to get down on any athlete who chooses to leave the Ducks for another program.  I feel a bit like Chris Crocker, but I just wish people...