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  • Helfrich Should Stick to the Script

    Sometimes flexibility is bad.  Sure, it would be handy if I could tie my shoes without my hamstrings stretching like Gumby in the hands of an angry four year old.  But when you’re calling offensive plays, a coach can be too flexible. Recently, I’ve thought …

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  • The Habit of Kicking

    You know what’s worse than field goals?  Missed field goals.  Everybody agrees that this is a truism.  Some, however, might take it one step further and say that the only thing worse than missing field goals is attempting them at all.  To my mind, when …

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  • My nephew's favorite helmet

    I Think George Orwell Was a Duck Fan

    I make my students sing.  The University of Oregon has a great fight song.  The tune is one I can’t get out of my head.  One day while teaching George Orwell’s Animal Farm I was trying to figure out how to get my students to …

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  • It’s Time to Panic

      There are times when a calm demeanor and patience help turn a team around.  Now is not that time.  The Duck basketball team lost its second straight game this week, being beaten by Cal.  They were crushed by Standford earlier this week, and the Ducks came out and …

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  • I Love the Ducks’ Other New Coach–Dana Altman

      Dana Altman deserves as much credit for what he has done with a basketball program that was at a low point when he came in as Chip Kelly received taking over an established  winner with the football program.  Both are fantastic coaches, but so far, Altman’s teams have been in the shadow …

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  • A Salute to Bryan Bennett

    There are those fans who always seem to get down on any athlete who chooses to leave the Ducks for another program.  I feel a bit like Chris Crocker, but I just wish people would leave Bryan Bennett alone.  He has done pretty much all …

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  • Class is now in session

    Mark Helfrich: No Substitute Teacher

    You know the type.  The kid that sees the teacher is out sick, gives the substitute an overly friendly smile and heads to the back of the class, spitballs already forming in his palm.  Hello, James Scales, redshirt sophomore who has just been kicked off …

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  • What it looks like when the Ducks miss a kick and lose to Stanford

    How the Ducks Will Improve with a New Coach

    Despite popular belief, there is room for the Ducks to improve next season.  I believe any new head coach, especially Mark Helfrich, will have a more objective and less contrary perspective about what the Ducks need to do to get better than Chip Kelly would …

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  • What will they be saying next year?

    What Chip Kelly’s Leaving to the NFL Will Reveal About the Ducks

    Oregon Duck football and Chip Kelly have become synonymous.   I’m surprised that I don’t hear the guys on ESPN call our team the Fighting Chippers.  That means that whatever successes or failures that Kelly experiences in the NFL will reflect on the Ducks.  This is …

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  • A Sad Day For Duck Fans

    Chip Kelly Is Gone. What a Relief.

    He’s gone.  Do you feel that hint of relief yet?  You will.  Soon enough.  Get over the pain.  Yes it hurts now, but you brought this upon yourself.  If you had been honest with yourself you would have recognized that the man was not long …

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