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  • Jeff Gold

    The Ducks Are Keen on the Value of Gold!

    It has been written that April showers bring May flowers!  Could we add to that a wet baseball, uncomfortable uniforms and, despite being the namesake of waterfowl, disappointment to the Ducks’ hardball team? Downpours be damned, they had the lead 1-0 going into the 8th inning …

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  • Primary

    Ducks’ Nine Getting Needed Relief!

    [Ed note: The first three paragraphs reference north-of-the-Columbia River stuff -- this is the epitome of "friends in low places."] I knew it was coming, it always does, my buddy Frank and his Husky purple heart calling to give me grief over the Ducks losing their …

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  • Featured Photo 2 Possibility

    Outfielders Win Championships

    (FishDuck Note: While we provide football analysis year-round, we also provide Basketball Analysis in season, and now BASEBALL ANALYSIS!  While the season is nearly half gone — Oregon has not had a game on TV until this next weekend, hence we use footage from last …

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  • PK Park

    Duck Baseball and Clam Chowder Magna Cum Laude!

    Take Me Out to the Ballgame is embodied in a wonderful, family-themed time at PK Park.  We’ll get back to talking about playing the game later. It was a Saturday afternoon game and who the Ducks were playing didn’t matter, because we were there to enjoy ourselves …

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  • Baseball Featured Image

    Duck Pitching: Fastball Risin’

    Standing in the office window watching relentless rain pelt the garage roof, my mind wanders, savoring the memory of Tuesday’s doubleheader sweep of Seattle University by the men of Ducks Baseball.  It occurred to me that many fans may not always understand the nuances of the …

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  • Duck Hit

    Duck Baseball — A Man’s Bat is His Refuge

    An aspect of a baseball game that we give very little thought to are the bats used. Bats are a very personal issue with ball players — and at the professional level it is almost a ‘reverent sacrilege’ to fool with another player’s bat.  Furthermore, let the …

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  • Big Play At Plate

    Oregon’s Championship Luck

    Teams that win championships have a number of seasonal components, all of which will contribute to their success.  Elements such as coaching talent, player ability, facilities and the support of administration and fans frame a fifth component “Championship Luck.”   One seldom reads or hears of …

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  • Horton And The Ducks

    Lets Talk About a Couple of Recruits!

    My desk is a mess, we are up to our elbows in work that demands attention, the temp outside is 19 degrees, the east wind is screaming down the Gorge and snow is falling like a lake-effect blizzard in Cleveland – but we can’t get focused because …

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