Author: Joel Gunderson

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Wait-and-See as NLI Comes and Goes

It’s the easiest thing to do — to make snap judgments or knee-jerk reactions. Those are what this world is based on (smartphone and twitter in hand.) However, in this instance — and it’s the same every year — the...

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Who Got to Budda?

I need to preface this article by saying that I do not know Budda Baker.  Not personally, professionally, or in any other capacity.  If I did, then perhaps I wouldn’t need to ask the following question: Who got to him?...

Let The Summer Take You Away 2

Let The Summer Take You Away

In the modern world, it can be nearly impossible to separate yourself from passions.  With Twitter, Facebook and various sites at your fingertips, news of your favorite squad can be captured in a second.  Sometimes, it’s as if we’ve been...