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    Wait-and-See as NLI Comes and Goes

    It’s the easiest thing to do — to make snap judgments or knee-jerk reactions. Those are what this world is based on (smartphone and twitter in hand.) However, in this instance — and it’s the same every year — the results from college football’s ultimate …

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    Who Got to Budda?

    I need to preface this article by saying that I do not know Budda Baker.  Not personally, professionally, or in any other capacity.  If I did, then perhaps I wouldn’t need to ask the following question: Who got to him? If you’re not following the …

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    Get a Grip! Perspective Needed on 2013 Season

    Oh no!  How much worse can it possibly get?  It’s the end of an era!  The sky is falling!  It’s sadder than a country & western love song!  In fact, it should be a country & western song: “I’m a poor Duck; I’m so out …

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    One Drive-By Gives Idea Of Oregon’s Future

    Yesterday I found myself in the Eugene for the first time in months, friends and family gathering to make some memories on a warm summer weekend. We had plans to make our way to “The Bite of Eugene”, the annual summer festival taking place at …

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  • Zimmerman Trial Brings Out Best In Ducks

    As the George Zimmerman trial came to a merciful end last night, the world took to social media expressing their feelings on the biggest media trial we’ve seen since since O.J.’s glove didn’t fit. It brought out the best in people, it brought out the …

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  • In CFB’s Free Agency, Oregon Would Aim High To Fill Needs

    It’s July, which means NBA free agency is in high gear. For fans in Portland, that means mid-level signings and questionable trades. One thing that free agency offers the big spenders, however, is the opportunity for quick improvement. If college football offered the same opportunity, …

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  • No Bowl-Ban Was A Win, Win, Win, Win

    It’s become increasingly evident over the last week that Oregon got away with one as it pertains to the NCAA investigation. For all of the speculation, all of the rumors and all the worry, it came back as nothing more than a wave of the …

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  • US Open Failures Remind Us That Nothing Is Guaranteed

    Last weekend, as the world watched Phil Mickelson stumble to another second place finish in The U.S. Open at Merion, I couldn’t help but correlate his failures to a more local team. The squad that huffs, and puffs, but can never blow the house down. …

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    Rivalry Losing Steam In Politically Correct World

    The debate over rival-rooting-etiquette came into question this week on a local radio show, prompting passionate calls of “We’re all in the same state,” and “I root for both teams unless they’re playing each other.” Quite frankly, I had to turn the channel. I wrote an article after …

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  • Let The Summer Take You Away

    In the modern world, it can be nearly impossible to separate yourself from passions.  With Twitter, Facebook and various sites at your fingertips, news of your favorite squad can be captured in a second.  Sometimes, it’s as if we’ve been swallowed whole by the enormity …

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