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  • Marcus Headliner KC E1411937757103

    What We Learned: Mariota Doesn’t Deserve The Heisman

    In a recent episode of ABC’s Modern Family, Ed O’Neill’s character Jay Pritchett finds himself drawn to the town dog show. A man’s man, the family patriarch is peculiarly fascinated about entering his doted upon French bulldog into an arena where his prize could be …

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  • Marcus Throwing E1411328283880

    What We Learned: The Marcus Formula

    The Concept of Tempered Steel If you aren’t a huge science guy (I for one am not), you might mistake the process of tempering steel for hardening a metal. While increasing steel’s strength, tempering is actually all about softening a metal through the use of …

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  • Duck Fan E1410717644429

    What We Learned: 11 Newbs Critical to the Ducks’ Championship Run

    Through three glorious weeks of college football, teams across the country have had their depth tested. Look to the east and observe a USC defensive line run over by a mediocre Boston College team in a below-average ACC conference. Look to the south and see …

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  • Kirk Picks MSU And Gets Duck Rath 2

    Three Predictions Kirk Herbstreit Wants Back

    It would be quite a mixed bag to be a nationally recognized TV analyst. Private flights, shocking paychecks, and tailored suits would often be overshadowed by ignorant twitter fights, unfair accusations of homer-ism, and those pesky “expert” picks gone wrong. It isn’t easy to have …

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  • Sdakota@oregon2014 Kc 63 E1409514780248

    Three Reasons To Be An Idyllic Duck Fan After Week One

    1. You (likely) don’t live in South Carolina. After brutal beatdowns by a combined 48 points, both of South Carolina’s major universities are suffering from opening day hangovers that won’t be soon forgotten, even with copious consumption of bourbon and barbecue. If you also observed …

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  • XVwX9 UiDfsyZTCjghqGqrc9qPtvazZU8pYks5lNJmU

    4 Things Some Duck Fans Had Forgotten in 2013

    Craig Strobeck 1. Oregon has the ability to win a close game (though not on the leg of their kicker) — For those questioning Oregon’s heart these past few weeks, a gritty performance by Josh Huff reminded fans that Oregon hasn’t completely lost its mojo.  …

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  • 313 Dgp

    5 Reasons the Oregon Ducks Will Regroup and Win the Civil War

    If you grew up playing the original Nintendo system, you might be familiar with an old arcade game called “Marble Madness.”  We’re talking about the first Nintendo – you know the one: a directional pad, the shiny red A and B buttons, Select, and Start button.  A sleek …

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  • 501 E1385268454790

    Inside the Arizona Wildcat Locker Room

    David Pyles The cool Saturday was clothed in dreary gray with uncharacteristically wet weather, and it only got drearier in Tuscan for the No. 5 Oregon Ducks.  Although most in press row wondered aloud if Arizona had publicized the contest at all when the game kicked …

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  • 30S8642

    Five Football Reflections From Epic Songwriters

    Craig Strobeck 1. “The world is a vampire, sent to drain.” — Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. My feelings this past weekend after the Oregon vs Stanford tilt on Thursday night are as close a Duck fan could get to having the life blood drained from …

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  • Josh Huff 45 Washington State13CS

    5 Things the College Football World Missed Last Saturday

    Craig Strobeck With the Ducks enjoying extra preparation before next week’s Cardinalgeddon in Palo Alto, outside of a wild Northwestern vs Nebraska finish, the college football slate was fairly blasé.  What more could one expect on a Duckless football Saturday than listless, unsatisfying competition?  Here’s …

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