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  • Feature J2

    He’s Coming Basketball Fans — and You Will Know His Name — Abdul-Bassit

    Yeah, so it’s baseball season, and Oregon’s basketball campaign ended late last month, but it’s never too early (or too late) to learn more about our beloved basketball Ducks.  Although players A.J. Lapray and Ben Carter are transferring away, sharp shooting Jalil Abdul-Bassit remains.  He …

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  • Mike Moser E1396497315580

    Mike Moser — Took His Time Going but Hurried Back

    The University of Oregon men’s basketball team is just coming off of a rather spectacular season and the fans owe their gratitude, in part, to transfer forward Mike Moser. Although fellow transfer Joseph Young led the team in scoring, and point guard Johnathan Loyd controlled …

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  • Young Drive

    Oregon Basketball Analysis: Altman’s Drive-and-Kick Schematic

    In order to beat high quality basketball teams such as UCLA and Arizona, the Ducks must do more than just score in transition.  Although it’s obvious that Oregon excels on the break, they actually work a mean half-court game, as well.  Unbeknownst to the common observer, a …

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  • Ftd Cover1

    Oregon Basketball Analysis: Free Throw Defense?!!

    Basketball teams play free throw defense?  Yes!  Although very subtly, quality teams such as the Ducks, execute a defensive scheme every time the opponent steps to the line.  Free throw defense is important to the Oregon Men’s basketball team because they want to do two things: get …

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  • Fill Lanes Main

    Oregon Basketball Analysis: Filling Lanes and Getting Buckets

    Say what you will about the Oregon men’s basketball team, but one thing is for certain: they get buckets.  Oregon currently ranks 11th in the nation in points per game with a whopping 83.  So, how exactly do they do it?  The Ducks run a …

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  • Pickin2

    Oregon Basketball Analysis: Pickin’ Apart the Wicked Opponent

    Nobody likes their opponent.  Ducks’ players shake the opposing team’s hands at the end of every game as a show of sportsmanship, but is the common fan convinced there isn’t at least an ounce of animosity present?  The opponent’s job, goal and sole purpose is …

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  • Fi 1

    Oregon Basketball Analysis: These Screens Will Set You Free

    (FishDuck Note: Analysis is the theme of this site, thus we introduce Oregon Basketball Analysis by Lawrence Hastings.  We will be alternating football and basketball analysis every other week through the rest of the Duck Men’s Basketball season.  This week’s article does not have GIFs, …

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  • Celebration 1 Illinois1314KC

    Let the Games Begin!

    Oregon football pummeled Texas in the Alamo Bowl last week.  Oregon baseball is No. 6 in preseason rankings.  And while that’s all good and fun, this, ladies and gentlemen, is basketball season.  So how exactly is the Duck basketball team performing?  Well, they are 13-0 …

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  • Op Ed Cover 3

    Fool ‘em Once

    Fool the Ducks once, shame on you.  Several teams ‘gave their all’ in an attempt to upset the mighty Oregon Duck basketball team, but none came closer than the tenacious BYU Cougars this past weekend.  In fact, in 38 minutes of gameplay, they prevailed.  The Ducks …

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  • Pregame 3 North Dakota1314KC E1386478762713

    Johnathan Loyd: The Unsung Hero

    Kevin Cline This is the story of an unsung hero, that man who consistently delivers brilliance, but receives little recognition.  In sports this may be the sixth man, the kicker, or even the designated hitter.  On the Oregon men’s basketball team, this man is the point guard. With …

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