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    Catch Your Breath! A Mid-Season Wrap. No Bigs but Ducks keep yellin’ Timber.

    Following a loss to the Colorado Buffaloes, Oregon men’s basketball is now 1-1 in the Pac-12 and, it would appear, their season is a complete loss.  Wait a second . . . not so fast, my friend! Sure, everyone hates to see a good win …

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  • Damyean Dotson Featured Image

    Ducks Men’s Basketball: Winning Formula or Big Mess?

    With a giant national yawn, the most recent AP poll ranks Oregon men’s basketball 12th in the nation.  However, this recent success is a welcome Christmas present for fans across the entire spectrum of Oregon sports.  Now we can continue watching nationally-ranked Duck teams into …

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  • Dana Altman 5 North Dakota1314KC

    Oregon Hoops: They Don’t Rebuild, They Don’t Reload, They Retransfer!

    Kevin Cline Pac-12 Conference Champions. . .that was last year. . .and again this year!  At this point in the season the Ducks have established an identity as strong competitors for a second straight conference title.  The effort has been led by almost an entirely …

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  • Stan E1384114342536

    Prepping for a Rematch Starts Now

    Craig Strobeck “Oregon loses against physical teams.” What has been the Achilles heel for the Ducks in the past proves unfortunately true, once again.  The crux — the Cardinal ran the ball more than 50 times.  They dominated the trenches on both sides of the ball and established a …

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  • DeAnthony Thomas 67 UCLA13KC

    The Payback Game: Do the Ducks Have DAT’s Back?

    Kevin Cline De’Anthony Thomas came out this week saying the Ducks would score “at least 40 points” against the Cardinal this coming Thursday.  On the surface, this seems ridiculous given the 17-14 OT loss Oregon suffered in last year’s match-up.  This year, both teams return …

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    A Legacy to be Determined

    Kevin Cline Bye weeks should provide teams the opportunity to rest tired legs, get healthy and have a mental refresher.  But for this team, the pressure is always on.  The Ducks won’t play their next game until Thursday, November 7th.  And you would be right in …

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  • DSC1991

    A Tale of Two Halves

    Craig Strobeck To channel Charles Dickens: it was the best of Ducks, it was the worst of Ducks.  But . . . in reverse order. Saturday’s game against UCLA felt like two separate games, with the first half being as mistake-prone as any of the …

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  • Puddles 5 Nicholls13CS E1382507552752

    Disregard the Meaningless BCS Standings . . . for now

    Craig Strobeck Every year, the media (ESPN, especially) loves to talk about the much-anticipated BCS standings.  Assorted computers have churned out their initial numbers, electronically ranking the country’s best teams but at this point, it’s not the focus for most programs.  The Ducks debut at …

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    ESPN’s GameDay is Coming to Eugene — Again!

    Hogan Dannenberg Once again, the next test for Oregon will be in the national spotlight.  ESPN’s College GameDay will travel across the country from South Carolina, to host the Ducks’ next game against UCLA.  As for their schedule, this match-up will arguably be the toughest …

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    Draft Stock For Future NFLers

    Kevin Cline When it comes to college football, only the most dedicated fans look forward to the spring.  That is the time for the NFL Draft, where we get to see which NFL team picks up our favorite Ducks players.  So let’s examine who and …

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