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  • Helmets 5 California13KC E1391409176492

    Should Targeting Be a Felony?

    We all love rock ‘em, sock ‘em football, but with all the recent concern for player safety, we need to give thought to just what can be done to make the game safer for the players.  Basically there are only two ways to do this: …

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  • Marcus KC E1390366903233

    The Heisman: Just Say NO!

    With the 2013 football season behind us, the hype for the 2014 Heisman has begun, with Marcus Mariota at or near the top of the list.  My reaction is simple: Just say NO! It’s not that Mariota doesn’t deserve consideration for the Heisman.  Quite the …

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  • Helfrich.kc  E1389658821230

    Chip Coulda Shoulda Woulda Learned From Mark

    In just his first season as Oregon’s head coach, Mark Helfrich accomplished something that Chip Kelly never did in his four years as the Ducks’ head coach.  Mark won a game that was decided by a field goal or less coming from behind in the …

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  • Sports Fan’s Guide to What You Need to Know on Knees

    Figure 1. The doctor is in. New research from Finland suggests that thousands of people who have arthroscopic knee surgery to fix a torn cartilage, might be wasting their time. A report on the Finnish Degenerative Meniscal Lesion Study (FIDELITY), published recently in the New …

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  • Ba1

    Too Little, Too Late: Stanford 26, Oregon 20

    Craig Strobeck Despite a gallant 4th-quarter comeback, for the third straight year the wheels came off on the drive for a national championship, in a November game that the Ducks were favored to win.  Much like the USC game of 2011, Oregon was dominated for the …

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  • Ucla@oregon2013 Kc I E1382850429926

    Visitors’ Locker Room: UCLA “Not There Yet”

    Kevin Cline If you’re expecting UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora to be happy about being tied with Oregon at halftime, forget it! “This was a very disappointing loss,” Mora declared.  ”We didn’t come up here to play close.  We didn’t come up here to lose. …

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  • Stanford@oregon Kc 42 E1378437248664

    Hidden Key to the Pac-12 Championship and Possible Nat’l Championship: Stanford’s O-Line

    Kevin Cline  As Duck fans, we have to face the facts.  Stanford beat us last year.  That night they were the better team.  Don’t anybody accuse me of “woulda, coulda, shoulda,” because I don’t have any. It’s the responsibility of the superior team to put …

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  • Mariota Run Sized

    Mobile QB vs. Pocket Passer: Who’s at Risk?

    Kevin Cline The conventional wisdom is that a mobile quarterback is more at risk for injury than the quarterback who stands securely in the pocket.  But when you watch Marcus Mariota run out of bounds untouched after a 30-yard gain and then watch Matt Barkley …

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  • Bratwurst.cropped

    Game Day Essentials: The Perfect Bratwurst

    Bratwurst Shop Whether it’s tailgating at Autzen or having friends over for a televised game, no football host’s repertoire is complete without bratwurst!  Here are steps to grill the perfect brats.  Buy only fresh (uncooked) brats. Johnsonville is the standard, but some imitations may suffice.  …

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  • Trojans.kaly Harward

    Over-Rated: My Top Three

    Kaly Harward In 2012 it was USC that topped the list for failure to live up to preseason hype. If I had stock in these three teams that are getting the preseason hype, I would sell now.  Any two of them may make it to the final …

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