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  • Fans 130 Oregon State13KC E1407989420366

    This is “THE” year? Not So Fast My Fine Feathered Friends …

    Many Duck football fans have it in their heads that 2014 is a do or die year. After all, the Ducks stand to lose possibly the best player in college football in Marcus Mariota, along with All-Americans center Hroniss Grasu and cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. But …

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  • Keanon Lowe 21 Texas13DC E1404255532599

    Ted Miller, Einstein, Receivers and Relativity

    In a June 27 analysis, ESPN’s Ted Miller rated Oregon’s receivers as “We’ll see.” Ted awarded “Great shape” to receivers for Stanford, Arizona, WSU, USC, ASU and the Berkeley Bears. UCLA, Utah, Washington, OSU and even Colorado got “Good shape.” That left only Oregon to …

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  • Featured Pic 1 For Devon

    Devon Allen Bursts into the Limelight (Race GIF Below!)

    Devon Allen didn’t “just” win the NCAA championship in the 110-meter hurdles. First off, there is no such thing as “just” winning at this level. You’ve got to be an absolute stud to pull it off. Next, there’s the little detail that he also broke …

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  • RyanField1.google.wikipedia.northwestern E1398539258857

    Women’s Golf Sinks Stanford-Northwestern Football Tilt

    Chicago, Ill. September 3, 2015 — Saturday’s matchup between last year’s Pac-12 Northern Division runner-up Stanford and Northwestern has been canceled due to Stanford’s refusal to cross union picket lines that were established when the Northwestern Organization for Growth of Immense Revenues for Labor in …

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    SEC ‘Gauntlet’ Missing Lower Teeth

    Those from the lower right corner of the country would have us believe that the fabled SEC gauntlet provides no rest for the weary warriors, as they battle their way through one formidable SEC foe after another.  Top to bottom, the SEC is just the …

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  • Helmets 5 California13KC E1391409176492

    Should Targeting Be a Felony?

    We all love rock ‘em, sock ‘em football, but with all the recent concern for player safety, we need to give thought to just what can be done to make the game safer for the players.  Basically there are only two ways to do this: …

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  • Marcus KC E1390366903233

    The Heisman: Just Say NO!

    With the 2013 football season behind us, the hype for the 2014 Heisman has begun, with Marcus Mariota at or near the top of the list.  My reaction is simple: Just say NO! It’s not that Mariota doesn’t deserve consideration for the Heisman.  Quite the …

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  • Helfrich.kc  E1389658821230

    Chip Coulda Shoulda Woulda Learned From Mark

    In just his first season as Oregon’s head coach, Mark Helfrich accomplished something that Chip Kelly never did in his four years as the Ducks’ head coach.  Mark won a game that was decided by a field goal or less coming from behind in the …

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  • Sports Fan’s Guide to What You Need to Know on Knees

    Figure 1. The doctor is in. New research from Finland suggests that thousands of people who have arthroscopic knee surgery to fix a torn cartilage, might be wasting their time. A report on the Finnish Degenerative Meniscal Lesion Study (FIDELITY), published recently in the New …

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  • Ba1

    Too Little, Too Late: Stanford 26, Oregon 20

    Craig Strobeck Despite a gallant 4th-quarter comeback, for the third straight year the wheels came off on the drive for a national championship, in a November game that the Ducks were favored to win.  Much like the USC game of 2011, Oregon was dominated for the …

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