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  • Arizona Cover Photo1

    Opponent Analysis: Preventing the Wildcats’ Big Play

    Thursday is known as “upset day” in the Pac-12. Be wary of Thursdays! Oregon State shocking No. 1 USC comes to mind. So does Washington surprising No. 8 Stanford in 2012. And, of course, there was Stanford’s takedown of the Ducks last year (sorry for …

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  • WSU Cover Photo Temp E1410972729827

    Opponent Analysis: The Covert Claws of the Cougars

    OK, get your laughs in now. Joke about how terrible the Cougars are, including their defense. The usual: “My 6-year-old brother’s Pop Warner team could beat WSU.” You guys got the giggles out? Good. Now we can move on to business. Washington State isn’t the joke …

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  • Wyoming Cover Photo E1410385899399

    Opponent Analysis: Cowboys Up Next

    OK, so maybe this game isn’t quite the magnitude of the game last week’s. That game registered as a 9.0 on the Richter Scale, while this one will probably measure more like a 3.0. This doesn’t change anything, though. Just as with South Dakota, Oregon …

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  • MSU Cover Photo E1409766640321

    Opponent Analysis: How to Combat the Spartans

    The excitement for Duck fans is rising by the hour, as they get ready to welcome one of the biggest non-conference regular season games in Duck history! It is the first Top-10 match-up of the college football season, and will have an immediate impact on the …

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  • The New Ducks E1409089153355

    Opponent Analysis: How to Scare Off the Coyotes

    Is everyone pumped?!! Ready to bring that Mariota, DAT, Barner or LaMichael jersey out of off-season hibernation?! I know I couldn’t be any more excited! It’s the most wonderful time of the year — on the doorstep of the new college football season. If you’re reading …

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