Author: Sam Arney

Can Moser fill the Kazemi void 1

Dana Altman’s Top 5 Impact Players

Suffering through this last week after the Ducks’ football loss to Stanford has been miserable.  There was a silver lining, however, in the form of Oregon’s newly-renovated basketball team.  There always seems to be at least...

Autzen Entrance 1, Nicholls,13,KC 5

“Good” Bye

Kevin Cline Is the bye week over yet?!  It feels like the off-season all over again.  I have already watched each game multiple times and will inevitably be watching them again.  While any bye...

Helmet 10, USC,12,KC 7

No Tyner, No Surprise

Kevin Cline Now that we are officially one game into the season, I can breathe a sigh of relief and satisfaction at finally having watched an Oregon Duck football game again.  As expected, there were very...