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I Fell in Love With a Defensive System

 [A confessional from an old, retired coach. But first a warning to potential readers:  There may be nothing in this article about Oregon Duck football. This article is about a SPECIFIC 4-3 defensive system, and the Ducks will be using...


How Ducks Will Continue Their Civil War Dominance

It’s Thanksgiving week. It’s also Civil War week. It’s the 119th Civil War. It’s also probably going to be one of the most lopsided Civil War games in a long time. This isn’t a knock on the Beavers. They have...


How to Stop the Talented Trojans

Ok, so I’m just going to keep doubting the Ducks. That’ll mean that they keep winning … right? No, in all honesty, this is why I love and hate college football! It’s so maddening that the Ducks are playing as...