Analysis: UO Sack Monsters Mondeaux, Balducci, and Buckner

Keeping with the Halloween theme that always accompanies late October, this analysis reviews the marvelous, monstrous sacks by Oregon Duck defensive linemen that took place during the Washington game. Oregon’s improvement pressuring the QB in its last contest was certainly a welcome sight. Here’s to hoping this keeps up Thursday night, and that […]

An Analysis of the Hyped Huskies

Clearly something needs to happen. Someone needs to give the biggest motivational speech anyone has ever heard. This team needs to get some sense slapped into them, because this season is going downhill really fast. This is the game that the Ducks need, though. The Ducks hate the Washington Huskies. […]

Oregon’s Newly Revised POWER PLAY With Bang, Bend and Bounce RB Techniques!

The Oregon offense continues to evolve and progress since my instructional video series was created four years ago. Those videos have been viewed more than a million times in total! They have been helpful to fans, as well as to coaches looking to install the spread offense (Oregon style). However, defenses have become […]