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  • Fish Report: Oregon’s Emerging All-Purpose Star

    It was painful for us to learn that the football Camelot in Autzen Stadium for the first half of the first two games was just a dream.  The new quarterback wunderkind, “St. Marc” (as he was called by high school teammates) showed us that he …

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    Oregon’s Most Important Offensive Play

    Has Oregon’s emphasis on offense shifted for 2012, now that Mariota has been named the starter? Less running and more passing perhaps this year? Or with a new young QB-will we revert to the basics of the Oregon offense? They are interesting questions, and with …

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    The Trojan Game Plan and How Oregon will Beat USC in 2012

    One of the most highly anticipated games in all of college football will be the Epic matchup of Oregon at USC on November 3rd. The vast majority of expert commentary about last year’s game has been mostly accurate, but highly incomplete from a Trojan perspective. …

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    Oregon’s Cover One Defense: Turnover Heaven

    How does Oregon get all these interceptions? What pass coverage do they use when they blitz? How can we fans understand what our defensive secondary is doing? It’s time to begin a brief look at our coverages to help us understand what our beloved Ducks …

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    Oregon’s Bizarre Radar-Psycho-Times Square Zone Blitz!

    Oregon is positioned to have the biggest breakout year on defense in my lifetime! Many of us know of the extraordinary athletes on defense, but now we are becoming aware from the last three defensive video tutorials of the carefully crafted strategy on defense formulated …

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    Oregon’s Defensive Attack: The Dreaded Inside Zone Blitz

    So many blitzes, and so little time before the football season! We have had a blast learning about Oregon’s new Hybrid 3-4 defense, and the Fire Zone Blitz in the last two weeks. Now much of this may be new to you and I, but …

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    Oregon’s Hybrid 3-4 Attacking Defense: The “Fire” Zone Blitz

    HOW does Oregon put pressure on opponents through our new Hybrid 3-4 Defense? What are the major strategies that Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti uses to create sacks and all the turnovers we’ve seen in the last two years? It was fun looking at the foundation …

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    The Amazing Nick Aliotti Oregon Hybrid 3-4 Defense

    “We’re running a new defense? How come I haven’t heard of this before?” I could scarcely believe my ears as I spoke to Casey Matthew’s father, Clay Matthews Sr. on the sidelines during the 2010 Spring Drills. I followed all the newspapers and multiple Oregon …

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  • The Fish Report: Mike Leach’s Air Attack

    This year, Mike Leach will return to the sidelines, something football strategists have been waiting a long time for. This week, we’ll give you an in depth look at Leach’s favorite concepts, techniques, and give you a tremendous primer to anticipate the return of the …

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  • The FishDuck Minute #16: Combating the Scrape Exchange

    In 2011, Southern Cal knew they had to change something up on defense against Oregon. Monte Kiffin’s gameplan included one of the most standard mechanisms to stop the Zone Read plays that teams like Oregon run called the “Scrape Exchange.” This video will go over …

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