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    The FishDuck.com 2014 Spring Game Analysis

    By Charles Fischer and the “Grizzled Ol’ Coach” Mike Morris We have ALL been fooled by Spring Games of the past, as players who starred in these May games would not ever see the light of day on the football field in the fall – or they …

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  • Flinn Spring Game

    Empty & Full: My Favorite Play of the Oregon 2014 Spring Game

    Thanks to my friend, Charles Fischer, I have had the great opportunity to write about many of my favorite offensive schemes here on FishDuck.com.  From the Zone Read Bubble to One Back Play Action to Packaged Tempo Plays, these analyses have been about concepts that …

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  • Jeff Gold

    The Ducks Are Keen on the Value of Gold!

    It has been written that April showers bring May flowers!  Could we add to that a wet baseball, uncomfortable uniforms and, despite being the namesake of waterfowl, disappointment to the Ducks’ hardball team? Downpours be damned, they had the lead 1-0 going into the 8th inning …

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  • Huff Blocks For Thomas

    Oregon Receivers Are the Key to Ducks’ Explosive Run Game

    When analyzing Oregon’s offense, it quickly becomes clear they have an uncommon number of explosive plays.  According to ESPN’s PAC-12 Blog, an explosive play is defined as any play that gains 20 or more yards.  In 2013 the Ducks were able to gain 20+ yards …

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  • Primary

    Ducks’ Nine Getting Needed Relief!

    [Ed note: The first three paragraphs reference north-of-the-Columbia River stuff -- this is the epitome of "friends in low places."] I knew it was coming, it always does, my buddy Frank and his Husky purple heart calling to give me grief over the Ducks losing their …

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  • SAPCX67uKUp4EgP6L9T2ScjeYLH6XnA43B J Bbf4gc

    A Solution for Stopping Stanford on 3rd Down

    When the Ducks travelled south to play Pac-12 rival Stanford, there were predictions of a Duck victory.  De’Anthony Thomas predicted the Oregon offense would put up forty points, and many others had Oregon at least securing the W.  Vegas even had the Ducks as a …

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    How Coaches Use Trap Plays to Complement the Zone Read

    It is well established that the zone scheme, including the Inside Zone, Outside Zone and the Zone Read, is the key concept of Oregon’s Spread Offense.  As such, there has been a great deal of attention paid to these schemes, including my previous article on …

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    Timing, Rhythm and Deception: The Oregon Passing Game in the NFL

    “It’s going to be interesting to see if this style of offense projects to the NFL.  I’m going to say no.  I just don’t see NFL passing concepts in this offense.” – Ron Jaworski “There’s just so many holes to this offense when you transfer …

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  • Young Drive

    Oregon Basketball Analysis: Altman’s Drive-and-Kick Schematic

    In order to beat high quality basketball teams such as UCLA and Arizona, the Ducks must do more than just score in transition.  Although it’s obvious that Oregon excels on the break, they actually work a mean half-court game, as well.  Unbeknownst to the common observer, a …

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    The Coach’s Corner: Shutting Down Oregon’s Spread With the 4-3 Defense?

    (FishDuck Note: There have been rumblings about whether Oregon has better personnel to be running a 4-3 defense instead of a 3-4.  This analysis by Coach Peterson helps us to learn the differences and to think of how Oregon operates defensively as you read it.  Also keep …

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