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    The Philadelphia Eagle/Oregon IZR Variation

    from Video Note from Mr. FishDuck: We do not have a video this week, but instead a look at one of Oregon’s basic Spread Offense plays as run by the Philadelphia Eagles, reported by Coach Adam Dawkins in England!  We welcome guest coach analysis and …

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    Video Analysis: Oregon’s New Aerial Attack

    Craig Strobeck The shot across the bow of the college football world has been delivered by our beloved Oregon Ducks.  The question of balance concerning the Oregon offense was answered against Tennessee when Marcus Mariota threw for more than an incredible 450 yards passing.  The Ducks are …

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    The Good, the Bad & the Twist in the Oregon Offense

    from Video Watch the video above or read about it below……. Surprises in the Oregon offense are fun for us, as fans, because they are delightful to discover, and they also allow us to ponder their future impact upon our beloved Ducks.  In this second …

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    A New Fish Report Video Analysis: The Inadvertent Mid-Line Zone Read

    Craig Strobeck This is the first video analysis I have completed in over a year, and I am excited to be in front of the camera again!  We will follow the conference rules for video usage while breaking down a very strange play from our …

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    Final Championship Pieces

     From Video FishDuck Note:  My video editor and I met this afternoon to shoot and edit a new video analysis using screenshots, but as we progressed into the project — I could see that it was not going to work.  It’s a long story, but …

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    Game Planning for STOPPING Oregon’s Spread Offense Attack

    Stephanie Baldwin Coaches are often asked the formula for stopping a Spread Offense such as Oregon’s high scoring attack.  There is no formula for defending a Spread Offense.  If you ever hear a football fan say, “You can stop the Spread Offense by, “(Insert Blustering …

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    From Video The “Air Raid” passing attack is among the most popular offenses in college football today, yet you can actually see components of it at Oregon!  It has a passing philosophy and scheme that can trace its roots back as far as San Diego …

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    How Oregon’s Secondary Protects the Nest with the “Cover Zero” Defense!

    AmazingMoments.com What does Oregon’s defense do in the secondary when they are faced with an opposing offense in the Red Zone and the Ducks are in danger of being scored upon?  Your beloved Ducks often rely on the easiest coverage to implement, but leaving each pass …

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  • MM On Run SB

    DEEP WATERS: How Oregon Uses Tempo To Drown A Defense

    Have you heard the great expression about winning the late rounds of a prizefight?  In the post-fight interview you’ll often hear a boxer talk about how he took the “opponent into deep waters and drowned him.” No-huddle offenses want to do the exact same thing, …

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  • JacksonMitchell

    Oregon Analysis: Change of Flight in the Secondary

    When the Ducks face a potent running game, how does the secondary adapt?  In my first analysis we discussed the Cover 2 Shell and the coverage strategies that Oregon’s Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti runs in the secondary.  Today, we will take a look at how …

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