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  • MM Set To Throw

    Ducks Add the Long Ball: The Power of the Bubble Zone Read!

    There is a misconception in the pass game that the more wordy and complex the play call sounds, the more effective it is.  Generations of fans and coaches grew up on NFL Films and remember audio of long and seemingly never-ending play calls by legendary …

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  • Featured Pic 2 E1393989468684

    A Real Pain in the Pass

    How do the Ducks stop 1,200 pounds of defensive muscle with exceptional speed from crushing our quarterback?  What are the tactics to stop blitzes?  It is only fitting to give some recognition to the big boys up front, since this is not an easy assignment. …

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  • Patterson

    An Analysis: How the Ducks Soar in the Secondary

    My feathered friends…here is stunning back-to-back analysis by guest coaches to build on our understanding of Oregon football.  These coaches have personally studied the Ducks on digital and implemented these concepts into their own team’s attack.  Today we break down the fascinating coverages that Defensive …

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  • USC Bubble 1

    TAKE AND GIVE: Oregon’s Bubble Zone Read Philosophy

    This is THE definitive analysis for understanding the Bubble Zone Read–a key component of the Oregon Offense.  For those who take the time to learn from this analysis, a massive number of questions will be answered in this keystone article.  This will be included in …

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  • Featured Pic 2

    Expert QB Analysis of UO Commit Morgan Mahalak

    We have a unique treat never before done on FishDuck.com, or any other football site, as we learn what to look for in a Quarterback prospect for Oregon!  Forget the million details—what can a fan easily look for to see if a player can help …

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  • Pic2

    PLAY FAST! How Oregon Wins 4th Down…

    No play calls are more scrutinized than those made on 4th down and this subject provides an interesting study for students of the Oregon Offense.  The decision to “Go For It” (and what type of play to run in that situation) often faces a head-on …

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  • Featured Pic 2

    Isn’t an Oregon Quarterback SWEEP Risky?

    Imagine my surprise to find ANOTHER new play in the USC game, the Quarterback Sweep! Last week we enjoyed the revelation of “Sucker Plays”.  As I reviewed it, I began to think about the other plays that the Oregon QB serves as the ball carrier …

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  • Featured Photo

    Oregon Ran Sucker Plays on USC?

    That is a bit provocative of a title, but what if it was true? Did Oregon hammer USC so badly with the running game in the past that it set up Southern Cal for their own Trojan horses? For the first time since the season …

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  • PA Feature

    Paralysis By Analysis: The Running Game’s Impact on the Passing Game

    Have you ever wondered why Oregon’s offense is so successful?  There are a multitude of reasons, but one that we are going to look at today is how the running and passing game form such a wonderful marriage.  It is no secret that we have …

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  • KOR Feature Photo

    Special Teams Analysis: In the Blink of an Eye

        As you know we Duck fans did not have much to cheer for when it came to kickoff returns for touchdowns this year, or kick off returns in general.  It is very frustrating when we have such explosive players back there such as De’Anthony …

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