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    The Best Damn Analysis of Texas — Are the Ducks on the ‘Horns of a Dilemma?

    That title is a lofty claim, but most of you have read my work for a couple of years and know that when I make an infrequent boast like that — I always back it up.  I assert this because, like you, I have read …

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    Ifo’s All-American Civil War Perfomance

    Craig Strobeck It seems that it was not that long ago that I attended a recruiting luncheon and the subject was our current cornerback star, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu.  Coach Kelly was talking about Ifo (a few years ago when this took place) and he explained that …

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    How Oregon Protects Mariota with New Play Variations!

    Craig Strobeck The Civil War game featured the most speed and running skills by Marcus Mariota since the Washington game, as he ran for a couple of first downs and pulled the ball in some Mid-Level Zone Reads.  However, the majority of plays were NOT …

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    Learning from Oregon’s Civil War Passing Attack

    From Video We have a TON of good subjects to study from the Civil War game, and this week we have some special insight from the receivers coach of Villanova University, Brian Flinn.  He is helping us look at some pass plays Oregon ran, and …

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    Oregon has an “Open Gap” Zone Read!

    From Video  We CAN learn something new from an ugly loss and not just looking at why we lost!  In the past two years I have noticed a new movement taking place in the backfield that at first I identified as a new “Universal Formation,” …

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    Oregon Devises an Inside Zone Read “Counter” Play!

    From Video How many times after this last game did you hear media sources other than EugeneDailyNews/FishDuck.com declare that, “the Ducks limited Mariota’s running opportunities.”  Or “the Inside Zone Read play is bottled up!”  How many of them actually know what they are talking about …

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    Myths of a Stanford Victory

    From Video Has the emotion of the Stanford game worn off of you yet?  For so many of us — it is almost impossible to objectively look at an Oregon football game as it is being played or shortly after, and give an accurate assessment …

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    Analyzing Stanford: What to Watch for as a Fan

    from Video How about an article concerning our upcoming game against Stanford with information you have NOT seen in all the innumerable media sources out there?  It seems that there are a few analysis points that we, as fans, can look for during this game …

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    Oregon’s Superior Defensive Techniques School the Bruins

    from Video We heard from ALL the coaches after the game about the extraordinary job done by our defense to hold UCLA to a couple of short-field scores, but HOW did they do it?  Offensive players expressed their gratitude at how our “Green Wall” kept …

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    New Oregon Strategies Reveal Old Secrets

    Craig Strobeck Holding on to an Oregon “secret” for a year and a half has been difficult, as ongoing games have confirmed the accuracy of the previously “undisclosed.”  This game against the Cougars revealed TWO new Oregon strategies within the offense that now render the …

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