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  • John Neal CS Utah Game E1408569175123

    Most Valuable Coaches (Not Named Helfrich)

      Football is the ultimate team sport. There are 11 players on the field at once, all doing their part in a collective effort to either move the ball up the field, or get the ball back from the other team. For every quarter of …

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  • The New Ducks E1409089153355

    Opponent Analysis: How to Scare Off the Coyotes

    Is everyone pumped?!! Ready to bring that Mariota, DAT, Barner or LaMichael jersey out of off-season hibernation?! I know I couldn’t be any more excited! It’s the most wonderful time of the year — on the doorstep of the new college football season. If you’re reading …

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  • One Sad Coyote By StarSaberPL

    South Dakota! Where Dead Presidents Come to Rock!

    Good morning, Duck fans! Welcome to another season of “Let’s Learn About Our Opponents.” This week is a rarity in the annals of Duck football. It’s the first time that on Tuesday, the week of the game, I was still saying, “Which one is it …

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  • Coyote GIF Featured Pic

    GIF! Ducks vs Coyotes — A Scheduling Comment?

    I think this GIF created by Glenn Hanna is pretty good … but it also got me to thinking about these lopsided games scheduled. Should Oregon and the big D-1 teams be scheduling these? Oh, well … ENJOY!               …

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  • MARIOTAFEATURE E1380681933453

    Recruiting Update: Speed on the Edge

    Football Recruiting Visits We’re only three days away, Duck Faithful — three days! While business will be taken care of on the field, Oregon will look to solidify a strong pull on a key recruit who will be in Eugene this coming weekend. New target …

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  • gang-green

    Twenty Years After “Gang Green” Era: Stalwart Defender Visits FishDuck

    Twenty years ago, Oregon began its 1994 “Cinderella Season” quest for its first Rose Bowl appearance since 1958. Picked no higher than 8th place in the Pac-10 preseason poll, Oregon stepped up its game to prove to naysayers that the team could compete on a national level. …

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  • Article Review

    FishDuck.com Rolls Out New, Incredibly Awesome Weekly Article Lineup!

    Duck fans — you have got to check out the lineup of incredible articles at FishDuck.com for football season! Learn where your favorite article themes and writers will land on the week and enjoy them as I do … as it has never been better at …

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  • US Navy 110625 N DB458 127 Marines Jump E1408835036918

    Mike Merrell’s Three-And-Out: Teams Ready to Take a Dive

    Three-and-Out opens with a look at teams I predict will underachieve in 2014. Does my opinion mean anything? Well, here is a link to my hex on three teams for 2013. To sum it up for those of you in too much of a hurry …

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  • 825hdr

    Embrace the Uncertainty

    What will the 2014 season look like? After eight months of speculating, the first part of that question will be answered this Saturday. Those outside of the Oregon program seem certain everything will be just resemble the Ducks we’ve seen much of the past five …

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  • KC2

    Ayele Forde: The Hidden Gem

    The Duck offense is one of the greatest in the nation, and their defense continuously backs it up year after year. But, there’s another part of the game that many of us either tend to forget or take for granted. You know it — special teams, baby! …

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