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  • 811hdr1

    The Party Out West: What Those Press Releases Really Mean

    As I was wrapping up my final breakdown of prospective power conference schools, this year’s release of one of the signature college selection guides was released. The Princeton Review’s guide to “The Best 379 Colleges” is an annual compilation of lists in a variety of …

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  • HatfieldDowlin

    Scott’s Turf: Falling Skies

    Chicken Little is alive and well. Yesterday’s landmark decision, the latest in a series of landmarks that is sure to change the way we think of college athletics well into the future, set the angst-ridden fans into a free fall of emotion that had them …

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  • Map Hostetler

    College Football Nation: Rutgers Knows How to Party and Eastern Michigan Sees Gray

    We are fewer than four weeks away from kickoff. Honestly, I am going to start grilling just so I can be ready for kickoff. Week 1 will be here before we know it, and we will have some amazing match-ups to look forward to. Even though no actual …

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  • Mark Emmert E1407625006321

    O’Bannon Decision is the Beginning of the End for the NCAA

    A tough year for the NCAA just got worse. In a historic decision released on Friday, Judge Claudia Wilken of the Northern District of California ruled that the NCAA could not stop its member institutions from paying student-athletes and that schools could also grant athletic …

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  • Head Nostradamus

    2014 Predictions — Part One

    Boys and girls, fall camp has begun in the world of college football. This starts the official countdown until footballs are kicked off of tees and soccer is kicked back to Telemundo. Your friends at FishDuck.com have been hard at work consulting with the finest …

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  • Boykin Ends The Cowboys Season

    Chip Kelly Update: The Boy King Dilemma

    The Eagles begin preseason play against Chicago tonight, and the results don’t matter one bit — for the standings. Chip Kelly told a press conference that the starters will probably only play 10-15 snaps, as long as they look reasonably competent. (If they go three …

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  • LOS 10 Tennessee13CS

    Top Three Pac-12 Non-Conference Games to Watch

    Exactly 19 days from today is the first college football game of the 2014 season when Abilene Christian plays Georgia State on August 27th. The wait for football season is almost over and with that our appetite for news about important or exciting games is …

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  • Johnson Featured Image E1407330375405

    Lane Johnson: Chip Kelly’s Secret Weapon in Space?

    Chip Kelly doesn’t just want his skill players to have speed. He places a high premium on athletic offensive linemen who can execute their blocks both at the line of scrimmage and in space. It is easy to see how Lane Johnson‘s rare athletic ability …

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  • Charles Eric Dargan

    Three Years of Ducks, Coaches, Volunteers & YOU!

    “I clicked the switch. We are LIVE!” After reading that line in the email from Web Developer & UofO Honors Student Michael Tomcal, I pivoted over to check, and sure enough FishDuck.com was online that August 7th of 2011. Was anyone going to read our …

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  • Buckner Featured Phot E1407346957309

    Who “Won” the Summer?

    As a college football season, this is the worst time of the year. We haven’t had football in months, and our patience has run thin in anticipation. Spring games are fun and all, yet they are like giving a sip of water to someone who …

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