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  • Map Hostetler

    College Football Nation: Hokies Poked and Boston College Runs over USC

    What a day of upsets this weekend of college football gave us. All up and down the east coast David was slaying Goliath. As fans, we live for the upsets. To be able to see a true underdog emerge victorious is why we love sports. …

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  • Armstead Sack

    So … About This Defense …

    I was at the Oregon Club meeting 20 years ago in 1994 when Nick Aliotti christened the name of the “Gangrene” defense, and I recall the howls at the name. I remember thinking that “Gang-Green” was clever and fits us so well … but alas …

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  • Pregame 52 UCLA13CS E1408995526452

    Superstition and How It Works for the Good of the Ducks

    And so it begins. A brand new season of college football is upon us, and with it a brand new assortment of superstitions. (Cue all the eerie music from the Sci-Fi channel.) Growing up in an all-University of Oregon household, I learned to love the Ducks …

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  • Screen Shot 2014 09 11 At 11.44.25 AM

    Collegiate Programs Can Learn From the NFL’s Ray Rice Situation

    Note: This article contains graphic information regarding domestic violence. Read at your own discretion. An already nasty situation grew worse on Monday when new video surfaced of now former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his wife Janay in an Atlantic City casino elevator. …

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  • Michst@oregon2014 Kc 79

    Chip Kelly Update: Like Father, Like Son

    Let’s call the Oregon Ducks’ football program the ‘father’ and the Philadelphia Eagles’ version the ‘son’. (Yes, Chip Kelly is the parent of both, but don’t overthink this metaphor into something creepy.) With all due respect for South Dakota State, both teams had their first real …

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  • Michst@oregon2014 Kc 240 E1410375437979

    Top 5 Reasons Why Your Oregon Ducks Will (or Won’t) Be National Champions This Season

    National Champions! It’s the label that everyone associated with the University of Oregon football has long been waiting to use. It narrowly escaped their grasp in 2011 (thanks a lot, Michael Dyer), and also recently with the Bowl Championship Series system fiasco in 2001 … but …

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  • Buffalo Bill Wild West Show C1899

    Why Oh Why-O-Ming?

    Because the Pleasant Hill Billies didn’t have an open spot on their schedule, your Oregon Ducks host Wyoming in a non-conference clash sure to cause ripples all the way to the Moshofsky Center. It is the first time that Oregon and Wyoming have met, and …

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  • Wyoming Cover Photo E1410385899399

    Opponent Analysis: Cowboys Up Next

    OK, so maybe this game isn’t quite the magnitude of the game last week’s. That game registered as a 9.0 on the Richter Scale, while this one will probably measure more like a 3.0. This doesn’t change anything, though. Just as with South Dakota, Oregon …

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  • Michst@oregon2014 Kc 172

    Two High, Two Low in the Pac-12

    It’s only two weeks into the season and we’ve already seen some great games in the Pac-12. A few teams have already shown that they learned from last year’s mistakes and are much improved while other teams are showing that we might have given them …

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  • 84dD78rMorcZJTM SFh6rcgOdK Hk7tbfzRgrBZzzZc E1410138082181

    Rough Start to a Legendary Season: A Tribute to Rich Brooks and the 1994 ‘Gang Green’ Ducks

    Ducks 2, Opps 0 — Bring on the Cowboys! As exciting as this time of year always is, 2014 is going to be special for more reasons than one. The Ducks boast one of the most talented rosters in school history, headlined by seniors Marcus …

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