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No Trap Games on the Ducks 2013 Sked

Kevin Cline One of the biggest fears any fanbase has going into a season is losing to an inferior opponent.  These losses aren’t just unexpected, they’re completely contrary to what fans expect, making them absolutely devastating to the fans of...

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Is the SEC’s BCS Rep in Trouble?

Craig Strobeck It has been labeled as the top conference in all of college football.  That is the reputation the SEC has been adorned with, largely on the back of its member schools having won seven consecutive BCS National Championship...

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A New GIF! Who is Driving the Bus?

We can’t let LSUFreek have all the fun with making GIFs, so here is the THIRD GIF creation, and again, we thank Glenn Hanna for his incredible time put in and skills.  Pass this along to your friends that...